Rental Contract

Studio Rental Rates  Rehearsals: $10/hr: Private Classes/Workshops: $25/hr.

Payment for Studio Rentals  Fees are to be paid two weeks in advance or the 15th of the month prior for large block bookings. Cash and checks are accepted.  All checks should be made payable to Movement Research. The Movement Research office and mailing address is: 55 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009.

Cancellation Policy  Minimum 2 weeks advance notice to receive a credit or refund. If you cancel within 2 weeks you will be fully responsible for the cost of the time cancelled.

Accessing the Studio  The studio is located in a co-op building that limits the number of keys for building access per co-op shareholder. Movement Research leases Eden’s from one of the co-op shareholders. The rental schedule reflects this situation with the majority of space renters scheduled such that they immediately follow each other, i.e. linked directly to one another. The expectation is that we rely on each other and the dance community to support this system of access. Movement Research asks your cooperation in helping this system run smoothly for both our community and for the valued space.  

(Arrival) Renters are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes early in order to be buzzed into the building by the previous renter. Those arriving for a group rehearsal should be mindful of the rehearsal/class/workshop in progress. The choreographer should buzz only one time to gain entry into the main building, and make sure that someone remains in the vestiblule to let the other dancers in. If you do not arrive in time to be let in by the previous renter you will lose access to the studio, and you will still be billed for your time in the space.

(Departure)If there is a rehearsal scheduled after your rental period you will become the link for the next renter and buzz them in. With this in mind we ask that you kindly stay up to 10 minutes past your scheduled time to allow for overlap. If you have waited beyond the window of time allowed for late arrivals and no one is there, please call the office and let us know that you waited and no one showed up. If there is nothing scheduled immediately after your time you will close the door behind you so that it automatically locks. Double check that the windows are closed, the lights and equipment are turned off, and door is completely closed and locked. **Please reference security section on the next page regarding admitting other people to the studio.

Studio Maintenance
Movement Research will maintain the studio in clean and pleasant conditions.  However, your help and cooperation is needed.  There is no eating in the studio under any circumstances.  Water may be kept on the table near the door but cannot be consumed on the dance floor, as spills and condensation damage the wood. You must leave the studio in the condition in which it was found.

Trash  Any trash generated by renter must be removed. Do not leave any trash or garbage in the building including hallways, stairs, studio, etc. Trash must not be deposited in front of the building as we will be fined. Please do not deposit any food trash in the studio trash cans. If any larger, food, or non-studio related, trash items must be deposited, please use the city trash cans. There is one located at Broadway and Spring.

Building and Studio Security
All persons entering the building should only be buzzed in after they provide proper identification. You shall restrict entry to unauthorized persons to the premises. The downstairs front door must never be left open under any circumstances. All doors must be locked upon leaving the studio, windows closed and lights turned off. Please take all personal belongings.

The renter will limit the number of people on the premises to 25.

Wax, rosin, powder, water, tape or any other substance may not be applied to the floor. Any equipment must be moved with care so that the floor is not scratched or damaged.

Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

You will conduct your activities on the premises in such manner as not to constitute a nuisance or disturb other occupants of the building, as this is a residential building. Keep conversations quiet, especially when navigating the stairs. No loud music during rehearsals. At this time, as per our lease with the building, there is no live music allowed at Eden’s Expressway.

You shall indemnify and save Frances Alenikoff and Movement Research harmless from and against any and all claims arising during the term of this agreement, for damages or injuries to property, and/or for any personal injury of loss of life in or upon the demised premises and the outer hall, excepting such claims as may be the result of our negligence, and from any law suits or judgments in any court of competent jurisdiction resulting there from against us, together with any court cost and reasonable counsel fees which may be accrued by us in defense thereof. You must notify Movement Research within 24 hours of any injury incurred.

You shall at all times replace at your sole cost any and all damage to floor, equipment and all plate and other glass damaged or broken from any cause whatsoever by you in or about the premises. You must report any damage to Movement Research immediately.

Movement Research provides two boom boxes (ipod and CD), as well as a monitor with vhs/dvd playback.

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