Rental Contract for
Avenue C Studio

Studio Rental Letter of Agreement
This letter shall constitute an agreement between Movement Research and ____________________________ concerning the rental of the premises of Avenue C Studio, 55 Ave C, New York, NY.

Studio Rental Rates for Rehearsals
$10/hr (this studio is not currently available for private classes, workshops, or auditions.)

Fees must be paid prior to your first rental date.
Cash, checks and online credit card payment are accepted. All checks should be made payable to Movement Research. Cash or checks may be dropped off during business hours, or checks can be mailed to: Movement Research, 55 Avenue C, New York, NY, 10009. MR can only process credit card payments online, not at the office.

Cancellation Policy
If you cancel more than or up to 2 weeks in advance of your rental date, you may receive a full refund. If you cancel within the 2 weeks leading up to your rental, you will be fully responsible for the cost of the time cancelled. Renters will not sub-lease their time to another renter or rehearsal. If there is an emergency and the renter has to cancel without sufficient notice, the renter may offer the space to another artist, upon approval by Movement Research staff.

Studio Maintenance
Movement Research and Avenue C Studio will maintain the studio in clean and pleasant conditions. However, your help and cooperation is needed. No street shoes may by worn in the studio - all shoes must be left outside the door. There is no eating or drinking in the studio under any circumstances, except plain water. Remove all items brought in with you, and return lights, fans, and windows to the manner in which you found them.

Any trash generated by renter must be removed. Do not leave any trash or garbage in the building including hallways, lobby, studio, etc. Trash must not be deposited in front of the building as we will be fined. If any larger, non-studio related, or food-based trash items must be deposited, please use the city trash cans.

Building and Studio Security
Always close the building door behind you and let the office buzz in anyone who rings the bell. In order to ensure the safety and security of tenants, under no circumstances is an outside entrance door to be propped or left open. Failure to comply with this condition will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement and all privileges for future use of the facility. Please note: The ramp and guardrail are for handicapped access, and may not, under any conditions, be used to lock up bicycles. Bicycles are not permitted inside the studio or lobby.

The renter will limit the number of people on the premises to 25. There is no storage of personal or company materials outside of rented hours.

Wax, rosin, powder, water, tape or any other substance may not be applied to the floor. Burning candles are not allowed. Any equipment must be moved with care so that the floor is not scratched or damaged. Studio and lobby equipment may not be used as props. If you think you have any question or concern about this, please always ask the office before making a choice or decision. This is a multipurpose studio: keep body lotions/oils that may leave residue on the floor to a minimum for everyone's safety. As we have pointe classes in the space, please do not apply lotion right before or during rehearsal.

Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

You will conduct your activities on the premises in such manner as not to constitute a nuisance or disturb other occupants of the building (this is a residential building). No live music is permitted at this time. Please keep the volume of your music to a reasonable level. See below for notes on sound equipment available.

You shall indemnify and save 7 Loaves, GOH Productions, East Village Dance Project and Movement Research harmless from and against any and all claims arising during the term of this agreement, for damages or injuries to property, and/or for any personal injury of loss of life in or upon the demised premises and the outer hall, excepting such claims as may be the result of our negligence, and from any lawsuits or judgments in any court of competent jurisdiction resulting therefrom against us, together with any court cost and reasonable counsel fees which may be accrued by us in defense thereof. You must notify Movement Research within 24 hours of any injury incurred.

You shall at all times replace at your sole cost any and all damage to floor, equipment, and all plate and other glass damaged or broken from any cause whatsoever by you in or about the premises. You must report any damage to Movement Research immediately. This includes all equipment owned by GOH Productions (including marley floor, ballet barres, sound equipment, mirrors, and lobby furnishings). Should the studio management find the studio left in an unacceptable condition, outside of expected rehearsal use based on the terms of this contract, the renter may be subject to a cleaning fee of $20/hour.

Renters may only use the small boom box sound system provided, which is compatible with CDs and iPods. It is not permitted to use the mixer and larger stereo equipment, as the noise travels to the apartments above. Do not lean or prop anything against the studio mirrors.

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