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Do what you do to help

I remember how frustrated, as one emotion, I was when the threat of the Iraq war was upon us.  Frustrated that no matter how much street protesting, die ins, c.d.’s, letter writing I and so many others did, it didn’t really matter.  This still unnecessary war happened. It was at that point I realized how important it was to fully enter my work and find a way of going to my underground streams to channel my feelings of impotence into expression as well as strengthening some commitment to actively finding out how art is a force for change.  I am still learning about it by how I focus my teaching and my performance making, by how I have embarked on studying acting as a way to learn how to connect words and feelings more directly to others, and also by sharing my personal practices.

In this light, I invite you to attend a yoga class I will be teaching on this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. to benefit PIH, Partners in Health who have been and continue to aid Haiti, especially now because of the earthquake.  What we do is a great thing to share in times of need.

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Concrete visual stimuli

FONTS are delicious!!!!
Check out these beautifully designed “drop caps.”

Any thoughts on the “Be Stupid” Diesel ad campaign?

Renée Archibald, dancer, choreographer, 2009 MR AIR

p.s. the following night

a few things lisa sokolov’s songs taught me last night at 112 prince street:

It’s hard being human,  everything must change so feast on your life,  chain of fools.  Gracias a la vida.

stuck to me

Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Romeo and Juliet.    That piece really stuck to me, trying to feel right now where that is, something about extreme gesture in me.  Vulnerability or need, what we remember, and how we are remembering in the moment.  The repetition of a known unknown, acting on acting.  Seduction, love, adolescence (that’s a weird looking word), shakespeare done in the dark of the theater (the kitchen gets so dark when there are no lights on) after watching the acTORS (balCOny) search in the dark of their memories of someone else’s searching their memory as they are listening to ? in their ear pods as I remember seeing Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet in a movie theater as a high school adolesient (as NTO may say it) and it was my first exposure to the whole story of Romeo and Juliet and it was my first time of yelling out loud at a screen to NOT do something to the characters, for crying out loud, and I continue to do that today, react verbally to films.

And we walked out of The Kitchen realizing we were telling each other our own stories.  The performance continued outside, without the costumes of course.  Next time….

K.J. Holmes, danceorite

The Week Ahead January 18-24

This Week at Movement Research… Judson, open performance, classes, and MELT!

Please Note that Movement Research will be closed on Monday January 18, in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

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Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church 1.11.2010

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, January 11, 2010.
Featuring works by 2008 Artists-in-Residence: Karl Cronin, Pavel Zuštiak, Arturo Vidich, and Daria Faïn.

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My Brain on Contact

New to blogging… I recently read this little Times article about keeping your mind young, keeping the synapses firing…. The article suggests trying things that are out of your comfort zone. I would say that Contact Improv is out of my confort zone, so for that reason, I took KJ’s class last week. She reminded us that awkward is ok, and that’s all I needed… So this too may be awkward…blogging that is, but I’m giving it a go…

Renée Archibald, Choreographer, Dancer, 2009 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

momentum carries

My class for Melt was titled “We have ignition…”, a workshop for mixed level students of Contact Improvisation.  I have been practicing Contact since 1981.  When I began Contact, it was only 9 years old and the people teaching me were learning how to teach it through teaching it.  I didn’t realize that at the time.  I only knew that something was jump starting in me that was vital to my understanding more of me inside my dancing.  Rather than the feeling of wearing a dance, which I had felt for a lot of my prior dance training, I had, through the “doing”  of Contact, begun to inhabit my body in ways I had not yet in Ballet or Modern Dance.

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13 days into January.  2nd blog.  At the AAC meeting tonight, someone brought up the idea that dancers need ass kickers, people who will push them along when they can’t quite move beyond their own inertia.  Do I have blog inertia?  I kick my own ass and jump start this process again.  The momentum of Melt has melted.  My class last week gave me the jump start I needed in many ways.  Teaching inspires me.  Momentum carries.

Simone Forti: Film Screening at BAC Jan 14, Movement Research Workshop Jan 25-26

Simone Forti, A Movement Research Workshop
Monday January 25 – Tuesday January 26
12:30:-3:30pm $65
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway

Body, Mind, World
Sometimes our words don’t have access to what we know in our bones, while our dancing doesn’t have access to what’s on our minds. We will be improvising moving and speaking, and we will be writing. In the spirit of body, mind, world, we will be articulating subject matter in intuitive and experimental ways.

To register go to, e-mail or call 212.598.0551

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