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Apr. 7 Studies Project: being a body out loud



Studies Project: being a body out loud

Tuesday April 7th, 2015 /// 6:15-8pm///

Gibney Dance at 890 Broadway, 5th Floor

Conceived by Ni’Ja Whitson Adebanjo, Edisa Weeks and Tara Aisha Willis

Panelists include Allison Joy, Jumatatu R. Poe and Social Health Performance Club



Living a body that shouts through the underbelly, a protested or protesting body, a black body, a body of the multitudes, a body of color, a body no one believes, a body of rage or exhaustion, a body on the ground outlined in chalk. Our current moment’s choreographies and vocabularies – gestures, chants, dances, collective actions – reveal (and disrupt) practices of living. What experiences do we hold in memory and body, and how do we hold them? With reverence? Power? Performers and writers respond with you.

  • April 3rd, 2015
  • Movement Research Staff

Movement Research at the Judson Church – March 30, 2015


Featuring works by Jumatatu Poe (idiosynCrazy productions), Rebecca Brooks, Karin Verbruggen, Stanley Love Performance Group 


Creation and Performance: Jumatatu Poe
Metronome designed by: EUMLab
Plastic by RiteAid HOME


By: Rebecca Brooks
Performance by Jodi Bender & Kate Martel
With musical score written and performed by Hart of Gold (Elizabeth Hare & Jessie Gold)
Special thanks to Rebecca Wender & Jennifer Lafferty


By Karin Verbruggen
Soundscape by: Calmsound
Once I met an 8 year old who gave everything in the world around her the same importance. Describing a photo she said: “This is my garden, this is my brother, this is the airplane, this is the house, there is the cat.” The question, now, is simple: what happens when you place objects and human bodies on the same level?
With the support of Bureau Internationale Jeunesse and De School van Gaasbeek.


Choreographed: Stanley Love
Costumes: David Quinn
Music: Barry White and The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Midnight Groove
Dancers: Julie Ramirez, Gia Mele, Tracy Mendez, Leonel Valle, Anthony Ernest Kierien, Stanley Love, and Kei Ota


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