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Week Ahead Oct 5-11

This Week at Movement Research…


Morning Class with Vicky Shick
Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm 

Qi Gong with Melanie Maar
Monday and Friday 10am-12pm

Klein Technique™ with Wally Cardona
Tuesday 10am-12pm

C O R E  M O T I O N with Daria Faïn
Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm 

Pilates Mat Class with Johanna S. Meyer
Tuesday 2-3:15pm 

Body, Mind and Image with K.J. Holmes and Karinne Keithley Syers
Wednesday 10am-12pm 

Feldenkrais with Rebecca Davis
Wednesday 12:30-2pm

Alexander Technique with Clare Maxwell
Wednesday 2-4pm

Skinner Releasing with Karl Anderson
Wednesday 6-9pm

Contact Improvisation with Paul Singh
Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

Klein Technique™ with Fara Greenbaum
Thursday 10am-12pm

Contact Improvisation – The Basics with Bradley Teal Ellis 
Thursday 6-8pm 

Adult Ballez with Katy Pyle
Friday 4-6pm 

Ballet for Contemporary Dancers with Janet Panetta
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-12pm

Athletics of Intimacy with K.J. Holmes
Saturday 11am-1pm 

October 112:30pm
The Underscore



Performances, Workshops and Events

October 58pm
Movement Research at the Judson Church
I AM A BOYS CHOIR, Mårten Spångberg†, Nora Stephens, Xan Burley and Alex Springer / the Median Movement

October 66:15pm
Studies Project 
with panelists Layla Childs, Tere O’Connor, Melinda Ring, Sonya Robbins and Larissa Velez-Jackson
Moderated by Ryan Hill
Conceived by Melinda Ring 

October 7 & 910am-1pm
The Aftermath: A Discussion
Lead by Mårten Spångberg
Drop-ins welcome 

Take a look at our website for the exciting things happening this season! 

* 2015 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence
† Workshop Presentation

  • October 2nd, 2015
  • Movement Research Staff

October 6: Studies Project LIVE STREAM


What I’ve Learned about Choreography from Watching Movies, Films (and TV)

with panelists Layla Childs, Tere O’Connor, Melinda Ring, Sonya Robbins and Larissa Velez-Jackson
Moderated by Ryan Hill
Conceived by Melinda Ring

October 6
Gibney Dance at 890 Broadway, 6:15 pm
890 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Click here to RSVP 

How do the things we watch inform our dance making? What have our (guilty) pleasures, high and low, taught us about form, timing, structure, etc? Does our connection to TV, film and movies keep us attuned to this moment’s mind-image zeitgeist, and conversely, does a lack of attention to these mediums create a gap in relevance of this art form to contemporary culture? Panelists will discuss their perspective on these questions followed by a group conversation with everyone present.

Live stream will begin at 6:15pm.

Click here for live stream

Photo collage by Larissa Velez-Jackson

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