A web of remembrance

In the past several weeks I have been exploring a priming procedure with those who attend my offerings.

Essentially, I begin by stating a series of relationships in the hopes of inspiring awareness.

These include physical relationships (remember you are standing on concrete), social (remember you are a citizen of this community), psychological (remember that you are remembering), and environmental (remember that you are breathing oxygen that was produced by the plant life in this room).

I find this web of remembrance awakens the ability to comfortably track multiple strains of information at once.

By holding at once the various layers of our biological, social, environmental persona, I believe we begin to look past the limited nature of these concepts to encounter the complexity of reality.

NOTE: I realize that many of these concepts (for instance, my statement above “environmental persona”) are loaded with philosophical and political implications that can not be readily conceptualized in a given moment by an individual. I will go into this in more detail in the Persona chapter of Experiential Geography: http://experientialgeography.wordpress.com/

Karl Cronin
MR AIR 2008-2010

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