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Voguing Study

For those who’ve been following my entries about voguing and are interested in learning more about the form…please join Archie Burnett and Benny Ninja at Peridance for class.  They continue to move me beyond words.

Cori Olinghouse -choreographer/Alexander Technique teacher, 2009 Movement Research AIR

Collective Unconscious

This year, I’ve been in the process of excavating imagery from Vaudeville and silent clown materials.  During this process, it has been inspiring to witness the many cultural associations, past to the present from these eras.

I am currently reviving a duet of Buster Keaton dancing with himself from The Playhouse. Costume designer, Andy Jordan and I have been working to re-create the Keaton double in original dress.  Recently, Andy came upon the John Galliano Spring 2011 show – a mash up of Keaton and Chaplin imagery.

To see Dick Tracy-esque, leisure suits packed on a Keaton base and punk rock Chaplin, chimney sweepers – with white face, black eyeliner – in one glance, moves me through decades of history. Read the rest of this entry »

Voguing dream

I seem to be having more dreams about voguing than any other kind of dancing in my life so far.  Now, I’ve decided to begin to catalog and record these dreams in a journal.


Last night in the mountains out west – with tumbling clouds, jagged mountain peak, outlines in the horizon-line – a voguer is approaching as weather tumbling in. Approaching with menace – fever. He appears like a cut-out in the sky. Moves like molten lava, liquid lightning. Arms bolting. Fierce and razor sharp edges. Blade-like liquefying into the metal they arose from.

He is a liquid electric bolt, streaking across space, with jaw tight and eyes penetrating.

Whipping the air into tight unbroken lines, so fast they are bending, folding, collapsing.

At speeds too fast to detect.

Vogue lighting


Ice breaking

A tangle of lines, bending

The sky going up in flames behind the pace of lines.

– Cori Olinghouse -choreographer/Alexander Technique teacher, 2009 Movement Research AIR

Voguing/Alexander cont…

A couple weeks ago, I injured my shoulder practicing.  It’s been the first time in my 1 1/2 year study of voguing that I’ve hurt myself.  I’m now healing – learning – applying the process of the Alexander Technique to my observations of how I’ve been using my shoulder.  Through this practice of taking on a new dance form, I am re-learning principles from the Alexander Technique.

The planes of the shoulder girdle must be intentionally aligned to the direction of the movement

Allow the shoulder girdle to move freely off the rib cage – let it lift, glide, mobilize

Move the arms from the ground.  Root yourself/connect to the power in your stance and feet.  Vogue always has a stance.

The attitude in vogue comes from the head moving forward and up.  If the spine pushes forward (for stylized effect)- you must keep a thrust of energy moving up from the feet and through the whole length of the body.

Tomorrow I venture back to class.  Intrigued.

Cori Olinghouse -choreographer/Alexander Technique teacher, 2009 Movement Research AIR

Voguing/Alexander Technique

For the past 1 1/2 years, I’ve fallen in love with voguing and have been studying intensively with Archie Burnett, and more recently Benny Ninja.  This study has run parallel to my own practice of the Alexander Technique.  What I’ve so far discovered is that voguing is an oppositional language – the energy must thrust out and flow back in.  The vertical line must run powerfully from the ground upward through the body.   And you must be connected organically to yourself, and in the moment to how it is you feel about yourself.  It is a freestyle form, guided by your own identity and expression. 

It is also about composing and making decisions. Lining up your intention with what you are doing, so you aren’t lost inside what is happening. It is lining up yourself, inside your environment, to your focus, and your rhythmic sense – simultaneously. It’s having opposition from your center to your arms, and being motivated to move from the ground – with the back in opposition. It isn’t about collapsing – unless that is done intentionally.

Javier Ninja from the legendary House of Ninja demonstrates New Way Vogue.

Cori Olinghouse -choreographer/Alexander Technique teacher, 2009 Movement Research AIR

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