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elephant walk

Circus Elephant marching across 34th Street

They're coming!

Monday, March 22nd at midnight.  Fuller details at:

–Jeff Larson, 2008 MR Spring Festival Co-Curator, MR Artist Advisory Council Memeber

Origins of movement research

baby Quinn standing on couch

When we learn to stand

There is something overwhelmingly magnificent in observing another person discover the essentials of movement.  As my daughter has rocketed through the various stages of development over the last months, I marvel not merely as an incredibly proud father excited by every little “first”.  What wows me even more is the recognition of how powerfully Quinn’s relationship to movement shapes, upends and redefines her understanding of the world.

Upon first rolling over Quinn crossed an invisible threshold.  She saw the world around her in a fundamentally different light.  It was almost as if I could see the gears in her brain reconfigure into a completely new mode, a new paradigm, even–as if everything she had previously assumed about the world around her required a radical rethinking.  Currently in our household, we are in the midst of another earth-shaking shift in awareness as she turns now to crawling, sitting up and (gasp!) standing up on her own.  Even something as mundane as splashing the water in the sink as she is taking a bath has the power to bring about a gleeful reconsideration of what’s possible.

Perhaps this is one reason the whole notion of researching movement appeals to us–that moment of discovery where -click- it all shifts.  And we’ve been at this since birth–it’s the essence of our development.  So, maybe, if we keep up the practice, we can remain primed for the next upending, the next revision, the next lighting bolt.

–Jeff Larson, 2008 MR Spring Festival Co-Curator, MR Artist Advisory Council Memeber

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