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Reflections From The Moderator

I got hit with a touch of the flu Tuesday evening and felt the chills and shivers of the sickness much of Wednesday but I had promised to moderate my first Open Performance that evening and since I couldn’t find a replacement I dragged my ass to 138 South Oxford. Luckily I could walk from my home to the space within 15 mins. I brought a big flask of grapefruit juice to help sustain me. Read the rest of this entry »

Reflections From The Moderator

My first:

It was a lot like my first actually.  Gentle, sincere, intentional, genuine, intrigued, celebratory, and new!  This was my first time moderating an evening of any sort, and it was a lot like my first time. That’s right, I said it, my first time. Exciting to say the least.  At last, the opportunity to enter another person’s world, their process, their intentions paired with my experience of them/their work *wink.

No seriously, getting to talk about your work, to an audience that has experienced it, like virgins, is one of the most precious and profound opportunities artists receive. It never gets old. Each time you perform it, each time you talk about it, it gets a little clearer. Both the process and the work. Seeing the audiences reaction is one thing, Read the rest of this entry »

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