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Sometimes when I am lying on my back and releasing tension from my body, I visualize my legs as gigantic earthworms moving into their extended posture, making their way out of the earth tunnels that are my hip sockets.

Renée Archibald, 2009 MR Artist in Residence


Today I had a little bit of time to visit the Museum of Art and Design’s Slash, Paper Under the Knife exhibit.

You can cut paper and layer it to create depth and three dimensionality, but you can also add water and reorganize the fibers, you can tear it, you can crumple it. It was a good reminder. I can do this with my own medium, too. noriko_ambe3

Renée Archibald, dancer, choreographer, MR Artist in Residence 2009

Concrete visual stimuli

FONTS are delicious!!!!
Check out these beautifully designed “drop caps.”

Any thoughts on the “Be Stupid” Diesel ad campaign?

Renée Archibald, dancer, choreographer, 2009 MR AIR

My Brain on Contact

New to blogging… I recently read this little Times article about keeping your mind young, keeping the synapses firing…. The article suggests trying things that are out of your comfort zone. I would say that Contact Improv is out of my confort zone, so for that reason, I took KJ’s class last week. She reminded us that awkward is ok, and that’s all I needed… So this too may be awkward…blogging that is, but I’m giving it a go…

Renée Archibald, Choreographer, Dancer, 2009 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

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