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Teaching as a Primary Practice

Imagine if teaching were a central value, a touchstone of our culture. Imagine if pedagogy were considered a core practice, perhaps even the most central practice, and the achievements of art and science were understood as secondary to the transmission of knowledge, including embodied knowledge.

Focusing on teaching as a primary practice puts the emphasis on the long term. It also tends to deemphasize what individuals may be capable of through talent or luck, and points instead to what remains possible over time (from generation to generation) because of the care invested in hundreds or thousands of unique teacher-student relationships.

That teaching is not currently valued in this way  is everywhere apparent, not only in the continual encroachment of standardized tests on primary education but also in the lack of financial support for projects of teaching and transmission. Grants for performance have been steadily shrinking Read the rest of this entry »

Urban Research Theater: Summer Project

We have just begun our two-month long summer project at Medicine Show. Thanks to Movement Research for giving us the opportunity to post updates about our work during this time of opening.

I have been working in NYC almost continuously since 2001 (with a two-year break when I lived in Poland), but I have never had a space to call my own. I’ve worked in classrooms, student lounges, photo studios, dance studios, small theaters, parks and plazas, but I’ve never been able to host other artists in the space where I work. Deciding to rent Medicine Show for two months is a major experiment (financial, organizational, artistic) in production.

It began with our “Grand Opening” party last week. We actually hosted eight groups (about twenty artists/performers) in that one night. Photo exhibition, site-specific mural, dance, theater, video art, musical interventions, and Read the rest of this entry »

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