body orientation and waiting

I was in 7 train today, and there were two tourists (mother and son) sitting in front of me.

They were constantly looking around to see out-side view of the train(you know how 7 trains run outside in some parts…) and this scene juxtaposed with any other people in the train who were just sitting.

Those who are familiar with the city (including me) were just sitting with blank states of mind in one common body orientation..

(what i mean by “blank” is more like “numb” or “too familiar”)

Our body orientations were more fixed compare to these two people who are seemingly in “unknown zone.” They had to constantly shift their orientation.

Being in unknown zone must create more layers of body orientation…

Also, it had to do with “waiting”.

Waiting in a unknown zone…

Waiting can sometimes be “the signature of absence.”

Is waiting part of “being present? then?

Should we just acknowledge our anxiety and nervousness of waiting and take it as becoming?

The train went into the tunnel and outside-view became invisible.

What I observed from these tourists’ body was pretty remarkable when this happened.

They stopped looking around and they faced their bodies to the direction of where the train was going in spite of the design of the seats.

The directionality of the train’s movement is not paralled to the body orientation of us.

The seats in the train are designed to face windows.

Can i say this unmatched orientation of our bodies and the direction of the vehicle is creating more anxiety?

Both of their bodies were slightly turned toward the direction of speed and destination..

Their bodies were showing desire to stop waiting…Or desire to know…desire to see…. and desire to get there.

It had to do with “invisiblity.”

I was mirroring them from the seats across from their seats.

How can I wait “with” them?

Is it possible to be empathetic by mirroring and joining their body desire?

Is it empathetic enough to listen to their bodies?

All of these experiences and thoughts reminded of William Eggleston’s photos.

Orientation of bodies and desire… beyond waiting..


William Eggleston’s website

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