can’t see the forest for the theater

There is a forest.  I enter the forest as it is in front of me, my path has led me here.  I didn’t expect it, or maybe I suspected this would happen and I have to go through it to get to where I have intended to go.  I forage my way, I forge my way, I find my way, I forest, I tree (at times) and at other (times) I am really just trying to get to where I think I need to go. I will find a path even if I have to make it. Maybe I stuff a few pine cones in my pockets and look up at the sky up there blue between high branches.  I really don’ t have time to lie down on mossy green under tree, but alright, for a moment, but I don’t want to get lost in time as I have somewhere to go.  I have to make something and the forest is just a way to get there.  I could have taken the car, I suppose, and rode along the path that has already been made, but I want to feel my body through my feet taking my eyes along for the ride, all my senses absorbing, walking, dodging low branches, stopping for wild animal sounds (oh, a squirrel) and see slants of sun.  But I do have to get to the other side, so the forest is just a way through to the other side where the theater waits.

There is a forest.  I know it is there and I cannot wait to get there.  I know that the forest is a place I can enter and wander in for the sake of wandering.  I can spend an enormous amount of time inside a slant of light and feel it leave me, rather than me it.  I become contiguous with it, roots branches underground – branches roots in the sky.  Sentences fail, sometimes only   w o r d          one of them         for a long time           or       &    a color                    that smell reminds me of being 7                          i am that witch of which i wanted to be but was afraid of                   fear insists insinuates                    loss                                   living leaving lovinglalalalalalalala                         my breath

the wind                                                        i am here

3 dimensional                                         walkwalkwalk                                                                   i get


entity or function

being lost

getting lost

take me, i only come this far

oh, the forest is the theater i will be on stage again and again


  • I can feel the color of your skin, smelling as a tree , I can see you running with the open hair trough the forest…for ever ever ever…
    UNA GRAN SONRISA DESDE ESPAÑA.( Isabel, Arnhem 1993)

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