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Mar. 3 Studies Project: Dance and Publish










Studies Project: Dance & Publish 
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 ///  6:15-8pm ///
Gibney Dance at 890 Broadway, 5th fl.

Hosted By
Moriah Evans, Editor-in-chief, The Movement Research Performance Journal
Biba Bell & Will Rawls, co-Editors, Critical Correspondence.

LIVE STREAM BEGINS AT 7PM (with group discussion portion)


It is with pleasure and anticipation that we invite you to an upcoming Studies Project sponsored by Movement Research. As MR’s two publications—the Performance Journal (semi-annual print edition) and Critical Correspondence (monthly web edition)—move into their respective 3rd and 2nd decades, the editorial teams hope to enter into a more robust dialogue with their colleagues in the field.

The two-hour event will bring together agents of the dance publishing world in New York and members of the interested public. Buoyed by wine and modest vittles, we will break into three working groups focused on three themes: Design, Circulation and Content. Each working group will have auxiliary prompts and exercises to guide a hands-on, brains-on practicum leading to a larger, group conversation. The salon will be hosted by Moriah Evans, Editor-in-chief, The Movement Research Performance Journal, and Biba Bell & Will Rawls, co-Editors, Critical Correspondence.

In preparation, we ask only that you bring a clutch of journals, periodicals, catalogs and/or websites that serve as your primary sources for dance content.

Movement Research Performance Journal #45

Movement Research Performance Journal #45

Cover Artist: My Barbarian

MRPJ45_MyBarbarian_byMianaJun MRPJ #45 features extensive profiles, articles and interviews including:


Cover Artist My Barbarian
Bouchra Ouizguen and luciana achugar
Neal Medlyn’s Pop Star Series

the O.P.E.N. in Singapore

writings by Heather Kravas and Emily Johnson

a project page by Jen Rosenblit

an interview with Travis Chamberlain

High Marks for the 2013-14 season


and more…


MRPJ Issue #45 is available now!


Subscriptions are available and mailed to individuals and organizations in the U.S. and abroad. For subscription rates, including rates for back orders, bulk subscriptions and bulk back orders, please visit our website.   


The Performance Journal is distributed free across New York City.

MRPJ#45 Editorial Team:

Editor-in-Chief Moriah Evans
Senior Editor Buck Wanner
Managing Editor Rebecca Wender
Graphic Design David Knowles
Copy Editor Conor Creaney
Cover Artist Portfolio Editor Matthew Lyons
Contributing Editors Effie Bowen, Emily Hoffman
MRPJ Interns Racy Brand, Elena Light
Advertising Coordinator Catherine Galasso
Editorial Director Trajal Harrell
Special Thanks to Miana Jun, Malik Gaines, Jade Gordon, Alexandro Segade, Matthew Lyons, Katy Dammers, Conor Creaney 
Printing Linco Printing, Inc. 

  • October 30th, 2014
  • Movement Research Staff

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