colors colonized

My friend Sangwook said that during his auto-biography class at college, students were discussing about “identity” and his professor said “During the period of Japanese Occupancy Koreans were forced to wear black and white color version of korean traditional clothings. It was Japan’s intention to “mute” the identity by muting colors of cultures and traditions of Korea.




colonize color,

silence color,

the death of colors,

black and white that are the colors of mourning.


If colorless can be simply led to cultureless and nationless, do bodies in the colors of clothes have any angency?

Who has agency? Whose choice really was it?

what about such a thing like “protective coloring?”

Whose point of view is it?

Who is actually loosing agency in this story?

What do we do when we interpret open resourses in the distance of time and space?

re-stating of memories and stories…. histories….

I did more research about it and there was very different point of view.

It was said that Koreans chose to wear white clothes as a practice of silent protest.

And, Japanese policemen on the horse were holding buckets of red paints with brushes and they smeared paint on any Koreans with white clothes.

Unwearing of colors vs. Wearing of colors

“Reasoning” of memories from the outside seems to disconnect itself.

evaporated stories…..

If you see that way, colors does evaporate and you re-colonize the memories…..

* check the website to read the reasoning of the story


  • Thank you for your post, HeJin. The questions you presented led me to the unknown…

    It also reminded me about my surprise when I visited Prague with the expectation it was a gloomy place and found it a vibrant city, full of colors.
    When I shared my expectations with people there I was told the city was dark and gloomy, but after the end of Communism with The Velvet Revolution, they painted most of the houses and buildings to forget the times under the regime.

    Best Wishes,

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