Critical Correspondence – February 2010

Brrrrh! It’s cold out there. It is fortunate that there are always new things happening on the Critical Correspondence site to keep you warm and cheery in front of the laptop on these wintery days. This month we have published excerpts from two recent articles by Ann Moradian and Janet Werther. Moradian’s “Returning to Dance: What Moves Us?” is a personal investigation of that age-old dancerly question, why do I continue to dance. Werther’s essay “Who or What Is Postmodern?: Miguel Gutierrez and the Quest for Suitable Terminology” compares how different dance scholars have used the term ‘postmodern’ and whether it is a suitable way to understand Gutierrez’s work amidst the diversity of post-1960s dance.

There are, in fact, some wonderful reasons to leave the apartment. The next Lobby Talk at the Dance Theater Workshop is on the ‘Relevance of the University‘ which will be moderated by Maura Nguyen Donohue, the guest editor of CC’s University Project. Additionally, Daria Fain and Robert Kock have initiated a series of discussions under the title, Commoning: How Things Hold Together And How The Way In Which We’re Currently Going About Things As A Society Is Not How Things Hold Together. CC has published Kock’s notes on the first discussion, which he describes as a practical discussion about common interest, the economy, and the social production of artwork.

In case you were hoping to get a little more dance theory on your plate, the dance department at NYU is hosting its second annual Dance Across the Board Conference. This year’s omninous theme is ‘Transitions,’ and dance scholar Randy Martin will be delivering the keynote address.

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