Eiko and Koma

Last night, for the first time I saw Eiko and Koma Perform at the Lynden Sculpture Garden produced by Alverno Presents in River Hills Wisconsin. The day before, I had participated in a workshop with the artists who took our grad group through a series of sleeping/dreaming scores. When Eiko & Koma arrived in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon, three days prior to the performance, they changed the site from where they had decided during their earlier site visit. Instead of an idyllic spot near the south bank of the garden’s large pond they chose a dried out pond. The staff had to construct a low platforms in the middle of the dried pond full of dried algae. At 6 pm the performance started with capacity audience sitting around the dried pond in the remaining heat. Following Raven Eiko & Koma performed a variation of Event Fission for which they took off their Raven costumes and covered themselves with flour paste. This year marks an important retrospective for the artists who will be performing throughout the country in addition to free concerts in New York. Go to their website for performance dates. http://eikoandkoma.org

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