In Your Neighbourhood

Last weekend, I performed at Ulla’s House Salon hosted by Sasha Welsh and Laurie Berg, and the opening of the salon was UK artist, Yaron Lapid’s video installation. Two different images were projected onto two opposing walls. On one side, there were images of words on the wall and the other side it was the images of houses and cars. These videos were 2 minutes in loop.

The movement of the camera were smooth gliding along the street. Just like in “reading” we were scanning images through our eyes. Literal reading of the words were juxtaposed to reading of landscapes in between two walls. The words on video were “verses” like sleep, care, create, sow,grow reap. This form of verses activated our gaze  and empathy. Also, this “gliding” movement of the camera helped our bodies to be still to be able to glide with our focus. We needed to be still in order to feel the movement. In other words, this video installation created  instant “vehicle” for us to get into the endless journey. As camera was gliding, we actually were seeing some of the cars parked in front of the views of words and houses. Cars were not obstacles of our desired view, thus the imges hehind the cars did not feel like”double distanced.” Also some of the words on the cars helped this feeling of “eveything is close to us.”

Our still bodies were creating third wall in-between & across these two walls. The wall of our bodies were divided into two perspective group: one, walking down the street and two, walking up the street.

And, through breaking these body walls and striking these imaginary walls, the performance night began on this rainy day…..

*Please visit to watch Yaron Rapid’s “In Your Neighbourhood”

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