Karl Cronin’s notes from Santa Fe outpost

i am in Santa Fe (NM) for a three-month residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute.
i am having a blast exploring the landscape and making new friends.
i am also learning about how my art practice does and does not integrate with the visual arts world.
i am learning the differences between performance art and performing arts (material of the body, time, historical context).
i am working with a drawing class on the College of Santa Fe and learning how 2D composition can inform my work.
i am experiencing agism and the condescension that can emanate from academically-trained artists.
i am learning the difference between lower case ‘i’ and capital ‘I’.
i am looking for ways to make socially and environmentally responsible art while still exploring my personal voice.
This month I will be posting thoughts and questions. Topics will include: How do we construct the structures we need to grow? How can movement artists create and offer communities new ways of being in the world? How can arts management/business models assist in the creative process?
i look forward to sharing.

Karl Cronin, Founder
Dry Earth
2009 MR AIR (2nd year)

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