Motivation #1

For the past two years I have been devoting my creative energy to harvesting, remembering, and performing movement based on encounters with my environment. I began this pursuit for many reasons, yet the primary motivation was the desire to build a more-detailed, visceral map of the world through direct experience.

My art practice has recently taken another step forward with the development of the Somatic Natural History Archive. My interactions with different environments has become more focused, as I explore how specific plants and animals express themselves in relationship to their particular environmental contexts.

My motivation to work on this project day-in/day-out is propelled by a single vision. In this vision I have completed Series 1, the embodied history of 10,000 plants and animals. I am roughly 90 years old. I hold in my bones, muscles, nerves, and inexplicable essence the life histories of these organisms. Through my dutiful rendering of their myriad expressions, I have come to understand something essential about the nature of the life that animates them. I have gone through the individual to see the whole.

Perhaps you might find it useful to start at the end of your creative journey. You don’t have to know in this moment how you will get there (I’m not quite sure it would be creative discovery if we knew a priori), but you can cast a vision for what you might feel upon arrival. That feeling can then be held in your daily practice.

For more information on the Somatic Natural History Archive, check out our Kickstarter page

Karl Cronin
2008-2010 MR AIR

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