Movement Research at the Judson Church-February 3, 2014

Movement Research at The Judson Church – February 3, 2014

Featuring works by Heni Winahyuningsih & Wally Cardona, Rebecca Lazier, Mei Yamanaka Works, and Lindsey Drury & No Collective

Srimpi Pandelori
Heni Winahyuningsih & Wally Cardona

This is a public sharing of stage one of the process for THE SET UP: HENI WINAHYUNINGSIH, the fourth in a series of eight works by Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey. Each Set Up begins with an invitation to one master artist of an existent dance form to teach Cardona what they think is most important about the form to which they have devoted their lives. Personal and cultural exchange happens within that activity, in relationship to assumptions, appropriation, contemporary practice, and received politics within “art” and culture. Over the past 2 months, Winahyuningsih has taught Cardona two classical Javanese dances: Srimpi Pandelori (female refined) and Klana Alus (male refined). THE SET UP: HENI WINAHYUNINGSIH will be presented March 21-23 at the Park Avenue Armory.


This might be: whip-it, jangle, stop and frisk, gargle, that thing, don’t, heart attack, trace, scratch, b, d-op, alien, chord, and flamingo. There will be others.
Choreography: Rebecca Lazier in collaboration with the dancers
Performers: Pierre Guilbault, Cori Kresge, Elisa Osborne, Christopher Ralph, and Anna Schon



Mei Yamanaka Works
Choreographed by Mei Yamanaka
Performed by Misuzu Hara, Mei Yamanaka


Vesna’s Fall
By Lindsey Drury and No Collective
Danced by Sherry Aliberti, Laura Bartczak, Paige Fredlund, Kaia Gilje, Katelyn Hales, and Molly Schaffner
Thanks to Lorene Bouboushian, Kyle Farrell, Matthew Gantt, Sarah McSherry, Butch Merigoni, Kay Ottinger, Lindsey Reuter and others for their help in mounting this performance.

  • February 10th, 2014
  • Movement Research Staff

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