Movement Research at the Judson Church-January 6, 2014

Featuring works by Asha Thomas/Compagnie Ima in special collaboration with Ronald K. Brown, Netta Yerushalmy, Lyndon Alec, Vernita N’Cognita aka Vernita Nemec & I like my position!

GHAZALS (excerpts)
Performance: Asha Thomas
Choreography: Asha Thomas with artistic collaboration by Ronald K. Brown
A duet for Asha Thomas and Ahmed Khemis (premiere June 2014)
Ghazals is a spiritual journey inspired by the ancient poetry of the 14th century Persian mystic Hafiz. His verses, including his most famous poetic style, the ghazal, speak of unconditional love and the ecstasy of spiritual union. Fascinated by cross cultural themes, Asha Thomas examines our commonalities in a world becoming increasingly smaller. Performed in its entirety in June by Asha Thomas and Algerian dancer Ahmed Khemis, Ghazals explores the connection between poetry and movement, the ancient and the contemporary.


The Work of Dance in the Age of Sacred Lives
Created by Netta Yerushalmy and David Kishik
Costumes by Magdalena Jarkowiec
The piece was created by invitation of the HAU theater (Berlin) for a recent festival celebrating the original 1913 Le Sacre du Printemps.
Produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin with support by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Hoop Dance – Video Not Available
Choreographer: Lyndon Alec
Performer: Unnamed
The original proposal for this work stated that I would hold my performance as a contest between hoop dancers (both in the traditional Native American style and other styles) in New York City and give my artist honorarium paid by MR@Judson to the winner. However, the 15-minute time limit has caused me to change my mind, as I could not hold a proper contest in 15 minutes. Therefore, a private (invitation only) contest was held on Sunday, January 5th, and the winner chosen at that contest to perform the work at Judson. Tonight you will not so much see a traditional Native American hoop dance, but the result of a traditional mode of presentation of hoop dance. Tonight you will see the byproduct of the tradition of contest.


Vernita N’Cognita aka Vernita Nemec (creator, performer) with Sean Carolan (music, performer)
In “Entangled”, Vernita N’Cognita again incorporates out of scale props to search through the media of performance for a clearer understanding of what it is to be a woman today. In this new work in progress, she has braided 600 yards of ribbon into a large ball and sits in a child sized chair as she explores unanswerable questions discovered in a paperback book. The artist uses Butoh movement forms interpreted uniquely & personally to explore, along with words and props, the conceptual ideas embodied in her performance work. The artist gratefully thanks Materials for the Arts for their assistance.

  • January 13th, 2014
  • Movement Research Staff

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