MOVEMENT RESEARCH FALL FESTIVAL 2009: What Does Dance Have To Say? November 30–December 5 2009.

The Movement Research Fall Festival 2009: What Does Dance Have To Say? will feature acclaimed experimentalists highlighting and juxtaposing their varied investigations into the artistic currents of dance and performance. Charles Atlas and Lucy Sexton act as this year’s Curatorial Advisors. Workshops include Ishmael Houston-Jones and Yvonne Meier, Layard Thompson, Anne Iobst and Jonathan Walker. Performances by Johanna Constantine, MGM Grand, Dynasty Handbag, Stanley Love, Melanie Maar and Kenta Nagai, The Naked Lady (Anne Iobst), Big Art Group, Douglas Dunn, David Neumann,  Okwui Okpokwasili with Peter Born, Monstah Black, Christine Elmo, Jack Ferver, Aki Sasamoto and Arturo Vidich, and Layard Thompson…. to name a few.



Ishmael Houston-Jones and Yvonne Meier: Releasing it all then putting it back together
November 30 – December 4
M-Th 10am-1pm, F 9-11:40am
Danspace Project
Improv, Releasing, Scores, Texting, Authentic Movement and Automatic Writing to make stuff. Yvonne Meier and Ishmael Houston-Jones will use these strategies in a 5-day workshop to encourage the making of personal improvisational works.

Anne Iobst and John Walker: Dare to Perform It
November 30, December 1 and 2
M TU W 12:30-5:30pm
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway
Participants will have the opportunity to perform the works developed during this workshop at Jimmy’s 43 on the Wednesday of the festival, December 2, 9pm – see performances section for details $100 to participate in the workshop Admission to performance: two drink minimum John Walker and Anne Iobst will be teaching together for the first time. This workshop will culminate in a performance night at Jimmy’s 43 on Wednesday December 2. For this workshop you will need to bring something, anything, so as to get the ball rolling… an idea, text, movement, music, or a scrap of something that can be used as a starting off point. Each participant in the workshop will develop a 5 minute piece. It should be daring and hopefully never repeatable.

Layard Thompson: subjecting Subjectivity – Experiments in playful mindbody perceptions
December 4
FRI 12:30-5:30pm
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway
Honoring mentor Deborah Hay as an influential foundation for this workshop, subjecting Subjectivity will offer performance experiments which expand notions of self into non-attached states of multiplicity. We will play with activating a dynamic relational existence by opening perceptions of spacetime, releasing and harnessing tension, questioning our habitual responses and seriously attending to the humor of moving spontaneously. Perceptual exercises, vocal work and scores, will elucidate the phenomenal relationship between self and Other through movement. Somatic techniques will engage whole-body awareness, meditative experience, the immediacy of the moment and engage the paradox of the self as a verb. In short, we will dance, clown and play with the subjectivity of meaning-making performance. The only requirements for this workshop are benevolent laughter and a willingness to suspend judgment of oneself and others in order to engage in observant dialogue.


Festival Performances

Monday November 30, 8pm: Say it Out Loud
Via Della Pace (basement room)
Admission: two drink minimum
Festival Opening Party! 30-second performances by all of the festival participants. Tell them what you think!

Wednesday December 2 at 9pm: Dare to Perform It
Jimmy’s 43
Admission: two drink minimum
5-minute performances by participants in Anne Iobst and Jonathan Walker’s workshop (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12:30-5:30pm – see workshops section for details)

Thursday December 3 at 8pm: Dance Gives Drama
Danspace Project,
Hosted by Neal Medlyn
Performances by Johanna Constantine, MGM Grand, Dynasty Handbag, Stanley Love, and Melanie Maar and Kenta Nagai

Friday December 4 at 8pm: When Worlds Collide
Danspace Project,
Hosted by The Factress
Performances by The Naked Lady (Anne Iobst), Big Art Group, Douglas Dunn, David Neumann, and Okwui Okpokwasili with Peter Born

Saturday December 5 at 8pm: Ishmael Houston-Jones’ Messies: Dance Shouts at the World
Danspace Project,
Hosted by Ishmael Houston-Jones
Performances by Monstah Black, Christine Elmo, Jack Ferver, Aki Sasamoto and Arturo Vidich, and Layard Thompson

Performances at Danspace Project
Tickets are $18, or $12 for Danspace Project members. You can also buy a festival pass for just $36. The pass gets you into all 3 nights of performances at Danspace Project–that’s 3 for the price of 2! Buy tickets at

top photo: Layard Thompson by Benji Russel
bottom photo: MGM Grand by Garrett McLean

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