My body now and then

This is probably the most personal blog I’ve written so far and I can tell you I’m really enjoying the process of blogging. I’m sure the sporadic nature of my life right now reflects in the spectrum of Blogs I have made. I used to be scared by this inconsistency. By feeling a lack of patterning or tangible patterning in my schedule. I wonder to what extent the patterns in my body, in my habitual movements extend into the way I structure my life? I wonder if my choices or should I say options are a direct result of the way I hold myself, the way I walk, the way I talk to people and how I perceive what is around me?As my movement patterns change through my practice, as they shift like sand I wonder where the ground is beneath me. Where is my reality at? WHAT lens am I looking through?I like working in dance because it’s tangible. When so many other things around me are fluctuating I can sense with my body the changes day by day and not be afraid of them.

I hope to continue this practice for many many more years to come.

Thank you Movement Research for making a space for this experience in our lives.

Rosalind Masson (former MR Intern)

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