On the Primacy of hearing

Embodied Wisdom, The Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais. Edited by Elizabeth Beringer’ p.g. 50

‘While in your home or some familiar surrounding, blindfold yourself and live by your ears only. To begin with do it for only half an hour. You will quickly see how your awareness is mostly limited to what you see. Any creature who had to guarantee his individual safety and security could not survive if two-thirds of space around him was ignored and did not reach awareness. When we pay attention to what we see we cannot help withdrawing our attention from the better part of the space around us. A wild animal that does not have a samuri like awareness of what is happening around it and above it can not endure for long. You and I can do what a trained samuri can do: we can retain and extend our awareness to the Reality all around us. The ears did just this before their information began to be partly ignored and neglected, and before vision became domineering instead of dominant’.

  • March 24th, 2011
  • Rosalind Masson

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