pain saver

With this recent injury on my left ankle,

I started thinking…Maybe we “feel” more because we have “pain”.

If I can see and feel something with the eyes of mind, I can feel more clearly and tangibly with the eyes of pain or disease.

There is no body without disease or pain, some more serious some less.

If we take off disease from body, there is no body.

body – disease = Ø

If we take off body from disease, there is no disease.

disease – body = Ø

If we take off pain from body, there is no body.

body – pain = Ø


But I realized if we take off body from pain, pain still is.

pain – body = ??

I am not prasing pain.

I am not talking about the old saying “no pain no gain.”

The answer is always how to care.

Caring for body vs. Embodied caring

Embodied caring also includes pain……

Now, I would like to re-open the book “Mourning Sex” by Peggy Phelan.

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