Pier Paolo Pasolini “Teorema”

“It is necessary to invent new techniques, impossible to recognize, who do not resemble with any existing operation, to avoid the puerility of ridiculous, to built a clean world, without possible confrontation for which there does not exist measurements of judgement who must be new like the techniques. No one should not include/understand that an author is not worth anything, that it is abnormal, lower, that like a worm, it twists and stretches itself to survive. No one should not take it in sin of ingenuity. All must appear perfect, based on unknown rules thus, not questioned as an insane, yes, insane. Glass on glass, because I can nothing correct and one  should not realize some. A sign on glass, correct without dirtying it, a sign paints before on another glass. It is not necessary that one believes with the act of an incompetent, of impotent. This choice must appear sure, solid, high and almost dominating. No one should suspect only one sign is succeeded “by chance”. “By chance” it is horrible.

When a sing is successful, by miracle, it is necessary immediately to keep, preserve it. No body must realize some. The author is a shivering idiot, as petty as poor. It lives in the chance and in the risk, dishonored like a child. Its life is reduced with the melancholy and the ridiculous of being which survives in the impression to have lost something for ever”.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, “Teorema” 1968

video of scene

Pier Paolo Pasolini \”Teorema\”

posted by Mariangela Lopez/ Accidental Movement

Choreographer, dancer, 09 Movement Research Artist-in-Residency

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