Podcast: Movement Research Studies Project “Overlapping Circles,” Mar 11, 2013.

Movement Research Studies Project: “Overlapping Circles” –
a conversation with Nancy Stark Smith,
K.J. Holmes, Jennifer Monson and Jen Rosenblit
March 11, 2013, at Gibney Dance Center

Listen to the Podcast here: http://movementresearch.libsyn.com/movement-research-studies-project-overlapping-circles-mar-11-2013

Improvisation as a practice, and particularly the rich history of CI, has spread throughout the world in various permutations and with multiple offshoots, evolutions, hybrids, specializations, etc. With improvisation in some form or another as a now ubiquitous presence in much of contemporary dance, how are people grappling with the various practices of improvisation in the context of contemporary performance? How do we situate our dancing in the larger world? Is it performance? Practice? Who is it for and how does it serve and/or inspire us and others? What tools and materials are we using — and toward what ends?

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