Podcast: Studies Project: Artists Speaking Face to Face 3.3.09

Movement Research Studies Project, “Artists Speaking Face to Face”
Moderated by Barbara Bryan
Presented by Movement Research in partnership with Dance Theater Workshop

Listen to the Podcast here:

This evening was initiated by Stephen Petronio as a way to begin a conversation between artists of various generations. There is no agenda, no motive other than the desire to frame a way in which to listen to what artists might say to each other, hopefully on an ongoing basis. Are the issues that interest us as artists related as we travel through our careers? We practice, perform, and tour next to each other, often competing against each other for an ever shrinking pool of resources. We rarely, however, have a chance to speak to each other. This evening is a simple way to have a dialogue with each other and above all to get to know each other face to face. Panelists include Wally Cardona, Ann Liv Yound, Elizabeth Streb, Nora Chipaumire and others.

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