Podcast: Studies Project: Dance and the Alexander Technique 10.15.09

Movement Research Studies Project, “Dance and the Alexander Technique” Conceived of and moderated by Ann Rodiger

Listen to the Podcast here: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/3/d/4/3d4862837569f9c9/dance_and_alexander_technique_10-15-09_full_edited.mp3?c_id=1946492&expiration=1424987869&hwt=551a36ae6b5f2bc816b76bcc7afd9f6b

We as dancers count on our bodies to be consistent vehicles for our art form, and understand the importance of maintaining optimum balance. How can the study of the Alexander Technique help to support a sustainable dancing career? Individuals with all levels of experience with the work, from the beginning student to the seasoned teacher, are invited to join the discussion, which has been developed by Balance Arts Center in collaboration with Movement Research. Panelists include some of the most distinguished teachers of the work: June Ekman, Jenny Grove, Eva Karzag, Katherine Mitchell, Shelley Senter, and others, and will be moderated by Ann Rodiger.

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