Podcast: Studies Project 12/2/14: FOR WHAT

Movement Research Studies Project, “FOR WHAT”
Moderated by Ursula Eagly
With Panelists Morgan Bassichis, Justine Lynch, Melanie Maar, Clarinda Mac Low, Alta Starr and Marýa Wethers

Part of Movement Research Festival Fall 2014: MATTERING
Co-curated by Rebecca Brooks and Daria Faïn in conversation with Shelley Senter

Listen to the Podcast here:

FOR WHAT was a discussion led by panelists who enjoy multi-faceted engagement with the cultural field, including healing elements, social justice aspects, performance activations, and various cultural considerations. The discussion was a response to the observation that many artists decide to be of service in some way to the culture and to others and addresses questions such as what are we doing, and what are we doing it for? What does it mean to live/work as an artist at this current time, and how do we position our work in relation to everything else in our lives and our environment? And in what way are our artistic practices necessary to a collective transformation of society?

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