Send in Your Video Submissions for the Nonprofit Hustle

The Movement Research Spring 2011 FESTIVAL!* curators invite you to submit your dance video of the: NONPROFIT HUSTLE, a new line dance made by and for the hustling NYC dance community…

Dance Instructions:
Counts 1-4 (R foot) Staggering grapevine to the right (r, l ,r, tap left)
Repeat (L foot) Staggering grapevine to the left (l, r ,l, tap right)
Counts 1-4 (R foot) Jump sideways towards right side onto the right foot while kicking up your left back heel. Right arm makes a scooping circle top to bottom along with head and upper back: quick- not suspended
Counts 1-4 (L foot) one, two, or three chanee turns to left, end with a left foot step
Counts 1-4 clap, step r, clap step l
Counts 1-4 clap, clap step r, clap, clap step l
Counts 1-4 (R foot) – 3 chasses to the right with right arm rainbow motion overhead
Counts 1-4 (L foot) – Break to new room facing, doing left quarter turn) – Wring your hands while turning toward left side and while low key prancing (not Graham prancing)

Repeat entire dance to the left side of room, back of room, right side of room, and front again. Then submit your Vimeo or YouTube link of your video to

The curators’ favorite video will be announced at Hello, My Name Is… , the final FESTIVAL!* event on Monday, June 6th, and the video’s creator will win a prize from one of the wonderful event contributors shown on the FESTIVAL!* website.

Submit your videos today!!

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