sound in-between

I am in Stoninngton, CT for my friend Jennie’s residency here at Dragon’s Egg.

First thing I realized when I got into this beautifully isolated space was

that how much I can “hear” more and live in the sound I hear.

I was able to hear more, because I was able to freely make sound.

Freely let the sound happen.

I did not have to talk too quietly for my roomates, I did not have to not jump up and down for people who lives down stair.

Freedom of the range of “acceptable sound” had to do with “space.”

Both personal space and shared space.

Are personal space and shared space ever not overlapped?

Body defines space, but the desire (for sound or anything…) of the body also creates expanded space.

When body has this freedom to get louder, out thoughts and ideas get louder and find its shape.

Then, I started asking “Is sound a concept human made?”

Isn’t sound already “is” before body?

If “sense” is body-centered concept, is sound also from the body’s point of view?

Do sound and silence actually exist in-between bodies?

Bodies of us, bodies of ocean, bodies of stones, bodies of wind….

Then, my answer changed.

If we extend the notion of “body”, sound exist because there is body.

Body of fear also makes sound.

Body of caring also makes sound, and can I please hear it more often in the city?

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