stuck to me

Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Romeo and Juliet.    That piece really stuck to me, trying to feel right now where that is, something about extreme gesture in me.  Vulnerability or need, what we remember, and how we are remembering in the moment.  The repetition of a known unknown, acting on acting.  Seduction, love, adolescence (that’s a weird looking word), shakespeare done in the dark of the theater (the kitchen gets so dark when there are no lights on) after watching the acTORS (balCOny) search in the dark of their memories of someone else’s searching their memory as they are listening to ? in their ear pods as I remember seeing Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet in a movie theater as a high school adolesient (as NTO may say it) and it was my first exposure to the whole story of Romeo and Juliet and it was my first time of yelling out loud at a screen to NOT do something to the characters, for crying out loud, and I continue to do that today, react verbally to films.

And we walked out of The Kitchen realizing we were telling each other our own stories.  The performance continued outside, without the costumes of course.  Next time….

K.J. Holmes, danceorite

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