Studies Project: Vulnerable Systems: Moving Beyond Sustainability

Movement Research Studies Project: Vulnerable Systems: Moving Beyond Sustainability
Jennifer Monson and Movement Research
November 5, 2013 at Gibney Dance Center

Listen to the Podcast here:

This Studies Project discussed how the reality of climate change has brought an increased awareness around the fragility of our environment and a heightened interest in sustainable practices. How do we move beyond sustainability towards resiliency, a term currently in broad use in the social sciences? How do we address the current crisis from its roots, rather than perpetuating unworkable systems? Is change a value or an action? How can our practices within the dance community serve as models for adapting to change? Participants discussed different framings of sustainability from the perspectives of various fields, including social science, economics, and urban ecology in a roundtable conversation which invited the dance community and the larger public to explore concrete ways to create resilient systems in their own communities and beyond.

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