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The Week Ahead. October 22-28.

This Week at Movement Research… We’re excited to kick off the Fall 2012-Winter 2013 season of Movement Research at the Judson Church this Monday!

Monday October 22. Movement Research at the Judson Church.
8pm. Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South.

Seating is limited, so arrive early.
Featuring works by: Grace Courvousier, Aaron Mattocks, and Gabriel Forestieri.

Wednesday October 24. Open Performance.
8pm. A.R.T./NY, South Oxford Space, 138 S Oxford St, Brooklyn.

Featuring works by Eliza Ladd, Drew Madland, Cornerspoon, and Rosalie Elkinton.
Moderated by RoseAnne Spradlin *

Workshop with Mårten Spångberg:
Choreography As Expanded Practice/Dance As Autonomous Medium
A series of softly, or non-causally connected seminars

Thursday October 25, 4-6pm.
Sunday October 28, 12-2pm.
Sunday November 4, 12-2pm.
MoMA PS1, Corner Gallery, Second Floor

This seminar addresses, through open research and experimentation, the shifting contexts of choreography and dance in contemporary society. It considers dance and choreography as work engaged in specific modes of production and not primarily as expression or representation. The workshop drafts notions of choreography as expanded practice next to probing the grounds for the possibility of dance to again identify itself as an autonomous medium. The different sessions embark on excessive detours into economy, policy and politics, detecting the position of dance and choreography within the context of neo-liberalism and a society where subjectivity and time has been corporatized. It is, at the same time, an attempt to open a ground for dance and choreography in respect to composition, improvisation, expression, organization, interpretation and affect. The different seminars can be attended as a connected series to be finalized with a presentation at MoMA PS1 on November 4, 2012 but can also be attended as separate events. Participants need no dance background but should bring something nice to dance in, and a blanket is always good.

Sunday October 28. Judson @ 50:
MR in Residence at the New Museum

A Pluralistic View of the Judson Dance Theater Legacy:
Yvonne Rainer & Aileen Passloff with Wendy Perron

3pm. New Museum, 235 Bowery.
$6 New Museum members, $8 General Public

The divergences between the work of Yvonne Rainer and Aileen Passloff highlight the vastness of the imprint of Judson Dance Theater (1962-64; JDT) while dismantling the myth of a singular Judson aesthetic. Rainer, along with dance artists Steve Paxton, Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, David Gordon, and others, broke with the conventions of modern dance by exploring task dances and the Dadaist idea of radical juxtaposition. Passloff, along with Jimmy Waring, Fred Herko, Arlene Rothlein, and others, reveled in the full-out dancing and whimsy of modern dance. In this talk, moderated by Wendy Perron, Rainer and Passloff consider the legacy of Judson Dance Theater from the perspectives of their divergent practices.

Some questions that Rainer and Passloff will address: What were you saying “No” to, and what were you saying “Yes” to? In what ways did the ’60s affect Judson Dance Theater? How did others in the JDT collective influence your work? What artistic values do you feel JDT has handed down to later generations?

*2012 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

Classes this week with: DD Dorvillier, Barbara Mahler, David Thomson, Irene Dowd, Clare Maxwell, Karl Anderson, Jen Rosenblit and Bradley Teal Ellis


Monday-Friday October 29-November 2.
Workshop with Azusa Seyama Prioville.

2pm-4pm. Gibney Dance Center, Studio 6.
Full Workshop $75, Drop-in $18.50
Register Online:

Creating Character Through Movement
By raising awareness of the physical possibilities in the body this workshop will encourage finding richer and more meaningful personal movement. Employing various processes used in dance theater practices we will search where movement starts and push the limits of where it can go.

Sunday November 4. Judson @ 50:
MR in Residence at the New Museum.
“Talking about my generation”:
Jill Johnston and the Critic as Subject

3pm. New Museum, 235 Bowery.
$6 New Museum members, $8 General Public
Critical Correspondence is an online publication of Movement Research. For this program, Critical Correspondence coeditors Aaron Mattocks and Marissa Perel honor the celebrated writer and critic Jill Johnston, whose experimental and personal voice communicated the culture of the interdisciplinary 1960s art scene. In light of Johnston’s innovative contributions to the form, this conversation considers contemporary criticism and the writer as subject. Speakers include frontrunners of print journalism and the blogosphere alike. Performative readings of reviews on dance and performance are included.

Mondays, November 5-26. Workshops with June Ekman.
10am-12pm. June Ekman Studio.
$20 per class
Register Online:
June Ekman’s Monday Morning Class

The workshop will be based on the Alexander Technique. There will be floor work with rubber balls, some “hands on”, as well as exploration of standing and walking.


Driving through the rain last night, heading right smack into a rainbow on I90, like he was the treasure I was headed toward.  No doubt about that.  I was excited, nervous, and slightly lost, on my way to Earthdance.  And then there it was, all lit up at the top of the hill, just like the last time I saw it.  God, I love that place.  I scrambled out of my car, left the dog in the front seat, and ran up the stairs.  Steve was just coming out of the main house, and we hopped in his truck to go up to the B&B of sorts, to have some quiet.  So stay tuned, you’ll hear the interview right here at MR, ‘cause I got it, the recorder worked and everything! And he WAS everything; charming, thoughtful, dismissive, honest and very moving.  Very, very moving.

Sondra Loring, co-curator of the MR Fall Festival 2011

The Week Ahead: October 24-30, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research… Studies Project, Open Performance and classes. Please note that the deadline for applications for the Spring 2012 Movement Research at the Judson Church has been extended. See below for details.

Monday October 24. NO Movement Research at the Judson Church.
Movement Research at the Judson Church will resume in two weeks on Monday October 31, featuring work by Judith Sanchez Ruiz/JSR Company, Kota Yamazaki, SKOTE, and Megan Mazarick.

The Application for Movement Research at the Judson Church Spring 2012 season is due this Friday, October 28, 2011. The deadline was extended due to scheduling changes with the venue. Please postmark by this date or hand-deliver to our office at 55 Avenue C No later than 6:00 PM on the aforementioned date.

Wednesday October 26. Open Performance.
8 PM. ART/NY South Oxford Space, 138 South Oxford Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn.
Featuring work by Janice Lancaster, Stephanie Fungsang, and Ben Spatz**
Moderated by Walter Dundervill

**Movement Research Artist-in-Residence 2010

Saturday, October 22. STUDIES PROJECT: Integrating Parenthood and Art Practice

Conceived of and Organized by Anna Azrieli and Rebecca Davis
3 PM. A.R.T. New York, South Oxford Space. 138 South Oxford Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Please join us for a discussion on the topic of parenting and its influence on one’s creative life. How can the journey of parenthood inspire and be additive to an artist’s lifestyle? Are there parenting challenges specific to the dance community? Is there anything we can do as a community to better support one another? We will share tips on how to find balance between our professional and private lives. Participants include new and veteran parents as well as those contemplating parenthood or simply interested in this topic. On-site childcare will be provided.

Classes this Week.
Please note that John Kinzel will be teaching in place of Stacy Spence M W F from now until October 28th.
Join us for classes with faculty: Barbara Mahler, Irene Dowd, Gabriel Forestieri, K.J. Holmes, Shelley Senter, John Kinzel, Gwen Welliver.


Town Hall Meeting
November 15
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Moderated by Kyle deCamp
Panelists include: Michelle Boulé, Becky Hilton, and others

Last year’s revival of the Movement Research Town Hall meeting dove into the nature and manner of movement research being conducted by our present-day artists community. Join Movement Research and its Artist Advisory Council for a follow-up discussion regarding sustainability as it relates to research, career, value and time.

Workshop with Daria Faïn & Robert Kocik
Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 20, Dec 18, Jan 15, Feb 19
SUN 2-6pm
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway

for non-choir member: $120 for 6 sessions, $25 per drop-in
for choir members : $75 for 6 sessions, $15 per drop-in
PROSODIC BODY Workshop: Choreoprosodia (the fusion of movement and prosody)
These six workshops focus on the sonic properties of language exploring the correspondences between energy centers, hormonal secretion, seed movements, sonic harmony, and emotional and neurological impact. Spending time with each of the different phoneme-harmonic-compositions developed for the Phoneme Choir, we will use a ‘scientific methodology’ to differentiate and name how each affects individuals and inform us of their healing and performative properties.
Workshop with Jonathan Burrows
October 31 – November 2, MON – WED, 12-3pm
Avenue C Studio
$75/$30 drop-in

Writing dance
Choreographer Jonathan Burrows leads a three day workshop investigating choreographic and compositional process, performance and philosophies, questioning how a dance or performance might be made and what it could communicate to somebody watching. Practical work will concentrate on short task-based exercises looking at how to define material and work with time, to hold the attention of an audience and invite them to care what happens next. Sessions will be punctuated also with discussion and viewpoints on other mediums and ways of working, asking all the time what dance can do and what it can’t.

Workshop with Jane Gabriels
November 5
SAT 5-8pm
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway

The Lost, The Found and The Fantasy: Urban Meditation
Through an interdisciplinary approach, participants will work with excavating found images, phrases overheard on the bus, movement studies from the street and found sounds and texts to develop their own response to the city and its current dialogue with us. These found materials are things that pulled you towards them, attracted your attention, even if you are not completely sure why. From this fieldwork material, participants will work in the studio with further writing, movement and installation experiments to explore re-enlivening our city-life. Informal, “instant” showings link what has been found with a larger vision of what could be possible. Participants are asked to come to the studio with a scrap of conversation overheard publicly, a picture of a specific place or person in the city, a gesture or series of gestures that they observed in their everyday walks, a torn piece of text found on the street.

Audience Membership Experience Questionnaire

Last week I saw a questionnaire about the senses by Chrysa Parkinson. I was inspired. At first to do it, but haven’t gotten around to it, then to make a list, then to write my own questionnaire based on questions I had asked (and filmed) at my high school reunion last summer.
I learned quite a bit in my classes at high school but not so much about the social experience there. When I go to see performance I learn quite a bit from the performance but have so many questions about the social experience of being in the audience. So here they are.

What is your subjective experience of being an audience member at a show in your field usually like? What is the social life of before, during intermission, and after the show like for you?

What are your fears, in an audience with people you know, of how they would characterize you and your presence there?

Is your audience membership experience, in your field, different when you don’t know people in the audience? If it is not your field, how does your experience as an audience member change?

How would you, objectively, characterize yourself in the audience?

List all the reasons you go see performance, as it relates to your audience membership.

List emotions you experience when you see someone in the audience that you know but may or may not know you.

What criteria do you use to decide to talk to or say hello to this kind of person?

What emotions do you go through if this kind of person does not acknowledge you in some way? If they do? If they do, but not to your desired degree?

If someone comes up to you while you are an audience member, that you don’t know or only know vaguely, how do you decide what level of interest you show to this kind of person? How do you decide when its time for you to move on from an interaction of this kind?

After you leave the audience completely, how do you process the totality of your audience encounters at the event?

What patterns do you notice around your thoughts, emotions, and actions when you consider yourself as an audience member socializing with other audience members?

-Anna Azrieli, Movement Research 2010 Artist in Residence

The Week Ahead. November 1-7, 2010.

This week at Movement Research: Movement Research at the Judson Church, Open Performance, classes and more! Also, Fall Festival is approaching! See info below.

elizabeth ward by ian douglas

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The Week Ahead. October 25-31, 2010.

This Week at Movement Research…Moving Dialogue: A Bucharest/New York Dance Exchange. Presented by Movement Research, Romanian Cultural Institute New York, National Dance Center Bucharest, Dance Theater Workshop and Gabriela Tudor Foundation.

Moving Dialogue is an exchange taking place October 2010-June 2011 fostering engagement and interaction between both emerging and established American and Romanian dance artists. The project will focus on dialogue, networking, artistic process and professional development through studio research and residencies, classes and workshops, group practice sessions, panel discussions, and informal performances. Moving Dialogue is a project conceived by the partners and initiated with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute and the National Dance Center Bucharest. It is facilitated by the artists Cosmin Manolescu (RO) and Levi Gonzalez (USA), and dedicated to Gabriela Tudor. For more information and details about all Moving Dialogue events please visit or All events are free and open to the public.

Vava Stefanescu

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I have been reading Kevin Lynch’s book, Image of the City. He is an Urban Planner and the book was published in 1960. In the appendix he has some fascinating references to orientation and navigation. Some of the most highly tuned navigational skills have developed in undifferentiated landscapes such as the flat snow covered areas of land and sea in the Arctic and the vast, dry deserts of Australia.

This capacity to find meaning and significance in the perceived shifts between land and water, fog and ocean which can appear trackless and without landmark reminds me of improvisational experience.

There is a moment of orientation when the abstraction of the destination becomes a leap of faith. Sometimes there is a simplicity to the navigation of the physical experience of moving. An image arises, that draws on the body to produce something in the space that demands a response. The system is unstable, is inventing it’s own instability as it moves along. Unfurling and carrying along the accumulated purse of sensation.

It’s the small things that become significant. But within each of those details there is an attention to the shifting map of the entire landscape, either veering wildly off course or steering directly towards the destination.

Recently I have become more disoriented. Spending more time wandering in the wrong direction, but at the same time being exactly where I am. I am curious about how this is effecting my improvisational practice.

The Week Ahead. July 12-18, 2010

Jung Woong Kim, Photo by Ian Douglas

Jung Woong Kim, Photo by Ian Douglas

This Week at Movement Research…Studies Project, classes, schedule changes, performances, and more! Read the rest of this entry »

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