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Podcast: Movement Research Town Hall Meeting September 21, 2010

Movement Research Town Hall Meeting. September 21, 2010. Judson Memorial Church.
Co-Hosted and organized by the Movement Research Artist Advisory Council
Moderated by Jill Sigman

Listen to the Podcast here:

32 years since the founding of Movement Research and the coining of its name, Movement Research invited the whole community to come together to discuss what the concept of ‘movement research’ means to us today. What are we researching? What is the form of that research, what does it require and how is it shared, accessible, or made legible?

We find ourselves now thirty–two years since the founding of Movement Research and the coining of its name; we are entering a new post-Cunningham, post-Pina Bausch era; and we operate in a world where our concepts of information and research are changing rapidly. The umbrella question “what is our research now and (why) is it valuable to us?” seemed a relevant and potent landscape for discussion. We invited three participants to act as catalysts for different lines of discussion and thought: Tere O’Connor, Luciana Achugar, and Daria Fain. The Town Hall was moderated by Jill Sigman.

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