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Audience Membership Experience Questionnaire

Last week I saw a questionnaire about the senses by Chrysa Parkinson. I was inspired. At first to do it, but haven’t gotten around to it, then to make a list, then to write my own questionnaire based on questions I had asked (and filmed) at my high school reunion last summer.
I learned quite a bit in my classes at high school but not so much about the social experience there. When I go to see performance I learn quite a bit from the performance but have so many questions about the social experience of being in the audience. So here they are.

What is your subjective experience of being an audience member at a show in your field usually like? What is the social life of before, during intermission, and after the show like for you?

What are your fears, in an audience with people you know, of how they would characterize you and your presence there?

Is your audience membership experience, in your field, different when you don’t know people in the audience? If it is not your field, how does your experience as an audience member change?

How would you, objectively, characterize yourself in the audience?

List all the reasons you go see performance, as it relates to your audience membership.

List emotions you experience when you see someone in the audience that you know but may or may not know you.

What criteria do you use to decide to talk to or say hello to this kind of person?

What emotions do you go through if this kind of person does not acknowledge you in some way? If they do? If they do, but not to your desired degree?

If someone comes up to you while you are an audience member, that you don’t know or only know vaguely, how do you decide what level of interest you show to this kind of person? How do you decide when its time for you to move on from an interaction of this kind?

After you leave the audience completely, how do you process the totality of your audience encounters at the event?

What patterns do you notice around your thoughts, emotions, and actions when you consider yourself as an audience member socializing with other audience members?

-Anna Azrieli, Movement Research 2010 Artist in Residence

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