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a body without organs

The impossible thing about making work is that you cannot change the context.  whether in the conventional theatre space or outside it even if I trick you and surprise attack you with a performance, there is still the context of a performance.  Therefore, the spectator always comes into the performance with this context in mind.

how to dissolve that so there is a possibility of making a new relationship between performer:spectator?

I wonder if the only way to do this is to create impossible problems that have no solution. there was a philosopher who did this/talked about doing this (i cant remember the name) but he and a group, for example, took a map of France and used it to get around London.not possible. but changing the context.

Our bodies are constructed a certain way- two arms two legs one head heart lungs etc…that is the context of the body.  is it possible to still have a human body but with a different organization of the organs within it? as in-lungs where the spleen is, heart where the kidney is….well, no, but-is there a way to create a dance with that same idea? im stuck with the body/context of a dance performance holding some kind of automatic expectation for the spectator-but how can i rearrange the organs so to speak within the dance so that it functions differently?

I have to say that i don’t usually think in such conceptual terms as an artist, but the projects I am part of here at PARTS have been making me approach the creation of work/movement vocabulary/material from a very brainy place.  This is not very comfortable for me, and I don’t even necessarily believe that it leads to the kind of work I want to present, but it certainly is stretching me, challenging me, and actually amusing me.

There is something intrinsically healthy feeling about being forced to create with a completely foreign set of tools. it emphasizes the importance of having an outside force that breaks the patterns of our lives- Both from our personal relationships with other humans and from our relationship with our creative process.

I leave you with this question: Is the responsibility of an artist to create the possibility for a new response? Not to actually create the new response or idea, but simply create the opportunity?

Simone Forti: Film Screening at BAC Jan 14, Movement Research Workshop Jan 25-26

Simone Forti, A Movement Research Workshop
Monday January 25 – Tuesday January 26
12:30:-3:30pm $65
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway

Body, Mind, World
Sometimes our words don’t have access to what we know in our bones, while our dancing doesn’t have access to what’s on our minds. We will be improvising moving and speaking, and we will be writing. In the spirit of body, mind, world, we will be articulating subject matter in intuitive and experimental ways.

To register go to, e-mail or call 212.598.0551

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sound in-between

I am in Stoninngton, CT for my friend Jennie’s residency here at Dragon’s Egg.

First thing I realized when I got into this beautifully isolated space was

that how much I can “hear” more and live in the sound I hear.

I was able to hear more, because I was able to freely make sound.

Freely let the sound happen.

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pain saver

With this recent injury on my left ankle,

I started thinking…Maybe we “feel” more because we have “pain”.

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body orientation and waiting

I was in 7 train today, and there were two tourists (mother and son) sitting in front of me.

They were constantly looking around to see out-side view of the train(you know how 7 trains run outside in some parts…) and this scene juxtaposed with any other people in the train who were just sitting.

Those who are familiar with the city (including me) were just sitting with blank states of mind in one common body orientation..

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