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A Note from the Curators of VANISHING POINTS

Co-curated by Beth Gill and Cori Olinghouse
December 3-5, 2015

THURSDAY December 3, 2015, 8 pm
Nelisiwe Xaba Fremde Tänze [Foreign Dances]

Fremde Tänze
Created and performed by Nelisiwe Xaba

Nelisiwe Xaba was an early catalyst in our conversations on plasticity in art making. Watching her solo work and discussing what drew us to it helped us to articulate a shared space of interest for the festival. What we saw and were captivated by was a calculated shifting of sculptural portraiture and the visual puzzling of materials: costume, objects, light and the body.

Her work Fremde Tänze was created during a project in Freiburg, Germany in which she was asked to consider and respond to early German choreographers such as Mary Wigman who were influenced by exotic dance. These pioneers of modern dance in the 1910s and 1920s often presented a series of short, exoticist pieces accompanied by music.  In her evening of “Foreign Dances”, Nelisiwe Xaba turns around the perspective and exoticizes the Black Forest.

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FRIDAY December 4, 2015, 8pm
Gwen Welliver What a Horse!
Abby Zbikowski double nickels on the dime

What a Horse!

For the festival, we invited Gwen Welliver to share What a Horse! inspired by Paul Klee’s image of the same name (Was für ein Pferd! 1929). In her piece, Welliver embraces “formalism and fantasy” as she uses the lines of the body to conjure and summon imaginative representations that hint at character, fantasy, and metaphor. The raucous, relentless, and poetic suggestions emerging from the physical body offer imaginative resonances that moves beyond abstraction.

“Lines in the body, between people and things—as pathway, intersection, collision, mark and cut—help me to understand what is happening in movement. These lines aren’t abstract or geometric; rather, they are common forms of human communication.”
– Gwen Welliver

double nickels on the dime

Abby Zbikowski will present double nickels on the dime. Zbikowski’s choreography is radical through the extreme use of labor in the body. Visual rhythms emerge in a brutish, demanding fashion. In post-modern dance, authenticity is often connected to ideas of easefulness and non-doing in the body. Zbikowski offers a new perspective—subverting the idea of an easeful or non-effortful body.

“This work interrogates effort in the body and its potential to manifest in multiple aesthetic worlds.  This explosive effort in the body sustained across multiple movement worlds deliberately renders my political perspective on dance.  I would call it a hybrid approach to moving rather than a hybrid movement vocabulary.”
– Abby Zbikowski

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SATURDAY December 5, 2015, 8pm
Impossible Dances: Past and Future
Melinda Ring and Kai Kleinbard

Impossible Dance #2 (still life)
Original concept and improvisational structure by Melinda Ring from 1999
Gift interpretation and improvisation by Kai Kleinbard

cLOUD (2016)
Choreography by Melinda Ring in collaboration with the performers, Talya Epstein, Maggie Jones and Molly Lieber, along with Kayvon Pourazar

“She’s just impossible; I don’t know what to do with her!

Dance is impossible like an unruly teenager needing just enough freedom balanced with just the right guidance to flourish. I love her. She can be so beautiful, so full of energy and potential. Her desires, my desires for her, can be frightening. How can I be ultimately responsible for this unpredictable creature? It’s maddening.”
–Melinda Ring

We originally approached Melinda Ring about her 1999 work Impossible Dances, inquiring if this was a work she could imagine ‘gifting’ to another artist. Gifting is a proposal we dreamed up as a possibility to redirect the typical exchange of artists appropriating other artists’ ideas and work. We see this process of gifting as a mentoring process; Kai Kleinbard will work closely with Ring to reimagine Impossible Dance #2 (still life) in his own aesthetic style. Our interest is to allow the exchange of information to remain dynamic through keeping the gift in motion. In this instance, the gift moves in an orbit between Melinda, Kai, and the audience. Impossible Dances: Past and Future imaginatively explores these spaces of remembering, gifting, and interpretation asking how ephemeral forms are transmitted, reconstructed, and exchanged.

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Jan. 20th Studies Project: The Role of Class in Current Dance Practices

Organized by MR in collaboration with Beth Gill, Lance Gries, Eva Karczag and Gwen Welliver

What role does “class” play in current dance practices? As contemporary teaching artists attempt to articulate new methods of transmitting knowledge through the body, so too are performers of contemporary dance and performance work drifting away from relying exclusively on traditional and codifiable techniques. How can we get the most out of the structures that exist and/or create new ones as we relate these models to the way people make work now? This conversation with teaching artists and practitioners will engage these seemingly intangible questions with concrete practices and proposals.

Participating speakers include:
Julian Barnett
Michelle Boulé
Wendell Cooper
Barbara Forbes
Zvi Gotheiner
K.J. Holmes
John Jasperse
Joanne Kotze
Nia Love
Juliette Mapp
Cori Olinghouse
Janet Panetta
Shelley Senter
Vicky Shick
RoseAnne Spradlin
Karinne Keithley Syers
Jesse Zarrit

Watch the Live-Stream here: 10940416_10152512686335216_1114205404729462362_n

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church 6.4.2012

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, 6.4. 2012

Featuring Works by Abigail Levine, Kai Kleinbard, Jessica Bravo Peña, Cori Olinghouse

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The Week Ahead. June 4-10, 2012.

This Week at Movement Research…
Monday June 4. Movement Research at the Judson Church.
8 PM. Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South.

Featuring works by Cori Olinghouse, Kai Kleinbard, Abigail Levine, Jessica Bravo Peña

Wednesday June 6. Open Performance.
8pm. A.R.T./New York South Oxford Space.

Featuring works by Irene Siegel, Ben Van Buren, Carmella Ollero, Rebeca Medina
Moderated by Jodi Bender

Classes this Week with: Miguel Gutierrez, Vicky Shick, Jen Abrams, Barbara Mahler, Shelley Senter, Karl Anderson



MELT Summer 2012
July 9 – August 10
MON – FRI 10am – 6pm Daily
Five weeks of intensive workshops with internationally acclaimed faculty. Melt Faculty includes: Irene Dowd, Levi Gonzalez, Neil Greenberg, Lance Gries, K.J. Holmes, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Jen Joy, Eva Karczag, Pooh Kaye, Jennifer Lacey, Joe Levasseur, Barbara Mahler, Tere O’Connor, Jimena Paz, Lisa Race, Vicky Shick, RoseAnne Spradlin, David Thomson.

The Week Ahead. May 9-15, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research…


Monday, May 9. Movement Research at the Judson Church.
8pm. 55 Washington Square South.

Featuring works by Sasha Welsh, Ben Asriel, Cori Olinghouse**, Emma Kim Hagdahl
** Movement Research Artist in Residence 2009 Read the rest of this entry »

The Week Ahead. April 25-May 1, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research…


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The Week Ahead. April 18-24, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research…


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The Week Ahead. April 11-April 17, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research…

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The Week Ahead. April 4-April 10, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research…


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Voguing Study

For those who’ve been following my entries about voguing and are interested in learning more about the form…please join Archie Burnett and Benny Ninja at Peridance for class.  They continue to move me beyond words.

Cori Olinghouse -choreographer/Alexander Technique teacher, 2009 Movement Research AIR

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