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Mar. 3 Studies Project: Dance and Publish










Studies Project: Dance & Publish 
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 ///  6:15-8pm ///
Gibney Dance at 890 Broadway, 5th fl.

Hosted By
Moriah Evans, Editor-in-chief, The Movement Research Performance Journal
Biba Bell & Will Rawls, co-Editors, Critical Correspondence.

LIVE STREAM BEGINS AT 7PM (with group discussion portion)


It is with pleasure and anticipation that we invite you to an upcoming Studies Project sponsored by Movement Research. As MR’s two publications—the Performance Journal (semi-annual print edition) and Critical Correspondence (monthly web edition)—move into their respective 3rd and 2nd decades, the editorial teams hope to enter into a more robust dialogue with their colleagues in the field.

The two-hour event will bring together agents of the dance publishing world in New York and members of the interested public. Buoyed by wine and modest vittles, we will break into three working groups focused on three themes: Design, Circulation and Content. Each working group will have auxiliary prompts and exercises to guide a hands-on, brains-on practicum leading to a larger, group conversation. The salon will be hosted by Moriah Evans, Editor-in-chief, The Movement Research Performance Journal, and Biba Bell & Will Rawls, co-Editors, Critical Correspondence.

In preparation, we ask only that you bring a clutch of journals, periodicals, catalogs and/or websites that serve as your primary sources for dance content.

Critical Correspondence is seeking interns!

Hi All,

We wanted to put the word out that Critical Correspondence is seeking interns to begin this July or August. Details below. If you are interested, please send your resume and any other support materials you wish to You can also find this post at the Critical Correspondence website.

The Internship consists of approximately 10hrs/week time commitment (might be distributed unevenly depending on season and needs) in exchange for free classes at Movement Research (MR), some free or discounted workshops when available, and occasional free tickets to events.

The Internship may start as soon as July, but definitely by August (see requirements below), and can run for six months or the entire fiscal year (ending June 30th). Past interns have stayed for the full year. Read more for more info!
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Updates from Critical Correspondence 4/17

Hello from Critical Correspondence! Keeping you posted as to what’s new. Jean Butler has posted two interviews in a series on Danspace Project’s visionary Platform curation project – one with Back to NYC curator Juliette Mapp and one with participating artist Jen Rosenblit. Also, check out a video interview with Clarinda MacLow as part of Alejandra Martorell’s series What Sustains You? which takes a thoughtful look at various artist’s strategies at creating something functional out of the crazy existence of being a dance artist in NYC. Also up is an interview with the organizers of Fantasy Generator, a rethinking of the traditional model of a residency that took place at Hollins University last summer with the idea of radical generosity at its core. And we have notes from one of the discussions as part of the Trisha Brown Dance Company’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series called “Talking About the Work.” Much more in the works so check back!


Updates from Critical Correspondence

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying the return of Spring. Just to keep you posted on what’s new on Critical Correspondence – we have a new video interview as part of our series “What Sustains You?” with AUNTS. We’ve also posted some notes on February’s DTW Lobby TALKS about the Relevance of the University, Part II. And we’ve posted a link to Ursula Eagly’s lovely article on Deborah Hay in Artforum called Reaction Time.

Be well,

Critical Correspondence – March 2010

Hello all on this beautiful Tuesday morning. It has been a busy few weeks and the CC team has been typing at full speed to bring you words from some of the great artists that make up this community. This month we have published six interviews! We have contributions from Meg Wolfe, Juliana May, koosil-ja, Meg Stuart and Trajal Harrell on Auf den Tisch! (Performa 09) and Kathy Westwater. Each of these featured artists have been interviewed about their processes and thoughts in regards to their most recent work.

CC has also published two new projects. One involves choreographers Karen Ivy ad Colleen Leonardi. Read what these women have to say on “knowledge in dance.” The published discussion is the first of many more to come. And last, but not least What Sustains You? is a new project that asks specific artists what sustains them as artists/people as they work in ways to transform structures and relationships. This month CC interviewed Justine Lynch. Watch a short video and listen to What Sustains Justine Lynch? and her theories on money as a collaboration with energy. If you are interested in being interviewed for the What Sustains You? project or have someone(s) in mind who you’d like to hear from, let us know at

Be well people,
The Critical Correspondence Team

Critical Correspondence – February 2010

Brrrrh! It’s cold out there. It is fortunate that there are always new things happening on the Critical Correspondence site to keep you warm and cheery in front of the laptop on these wintery days. This month we have published excerpts from two recent articles by Ann Moradian and Janet Werther. Moradian’s “Returning to Dance: What Moves Us?” is a personal investigation of that age-old dancerly question, why do I continue to dance. Werther’s essay “Who or What Is Postmodern?: Miguel Gutierrez and the Quest for Suitable Terminology” compares how different dance scholars have used the term ‘postmodern’ and whether it is a suitable way to understand Gutierrez’s work amidst the diversity of post-1960s dance.

There are, in fact, some wonderful reasons to leave the apartment. The next Lobby Talk at the Dance Theater Workshop is on the ‘Relevance of the University‘ which will be moderated by Maura Nguyen Donohue, the guest editor of CC’s University Project. Additionally, Daria Fain and Robert Kock have initiated a series of discussions under the title, Commoning: How Things Hold Together And How The Way In Which We’re Currently Going About Things As A Society Is Not How Things Hold Together. CC has published Kock’s notes on the first discussion, which he describes as a practical discussion about common interest, the economy, and the social production of artwork.

In case you were hoping to get a little more dance theory on your plate, the dance department at NYU is hosting its second annual Dance Across the Board Conference. This year’s omninous theme is ‘Transitions,’ and dance scholar Randy Martin will be delivering the keynote address.

Performa 09 on Critical Correspondence

All this month CC is hosting writings on and around the events and issues of this year’s Performa 09 Festival. Spearheaded by guest writers Biba Bell, Ursula Eagly and Karinne Keithley, these short-form writings will not serve as reviews, but rather as conversations, dialogues and impressions of the ways that the work presented in the festival reverberates with other movement-based and performance-based thinkers and practicioners. Postings will continue throughout the month on the Critical Correspondence website. Also just up – short video interviews with participants in Prisma from earlier this year and a conversation between Nancy Garcia, Chase Granoff and curator Matthew Lyons about their performance at The Kitchen.

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