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Podcast: Studies Project 3/3/15: Dance and Publish

Movement Research Studies Project, “Dance and Publish”
Hosted by Moriah Evans, Editor-in-chief, The Movement Research Performance Journal
Biba Bell and Will Rawls, co-Editors, Critical Correspondence

Listen to the Podcast here:

As MR’s two publications — the Performance Journal (semi-annual print edition) and Critical Correspondence (monthly web edition) — move into their respective 3rd and 2nd decades, the editorial teams hoped to enter into a more robust dialogue with their colleagues in the field.

The event brought together agents of the dance publishing world in New York and members of the interested public. Buoyed by wine and modest vittles, we broke into three working groups focused on three themes: Design, Circulation and Content. Each working group had auxiliary prompts and exercises to guide a hands-on, brains-on practicum leading to a larger, group conversation.

In preparation, the hosts asked that attendees bring a clutch of journals, periodicals, catalogs and/or websites that serve as their primary sources for dance content.

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