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Movement Research at the Judson Church – April 13, 2015

Featuring works by Erin Ellen Kelly, Elisa Osborne, Johanna Meyer, Jeanine Durning 


Concept and Performance: Erin Ellen Kelly
Soundscape with field recordings: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, and Max Richter

The starting point: the elemental qualities of landscapes. This improvisation explores water, frozen to steam. What characters emerge?

Thanks Juan Merchan, Ophra Wolf, Geoff Kuffner, Baptiste Ex, for lending an outside eye and feedback.


Gilded Kant
A Vinyl Thinking Tank
Choreography by Elisa Osborne
Performed by: Elisa Osborne and Benjamin Bohnsack
Drawings: Benjamin Bohnsack
Coaching and Dramaturgy advice by: Karen Boesser
Raincoat: a loan from the Vandenburgh family.

Special thanks to: Janet Panetta, Karen Boesser, Sonia Lopes Soares, Irene Dowd, Patricia Hoffbauer and Jörg Sommer at, and Christian Steinmetz at


By Johanna S. Meyer

Tonight’s performance is a work in progress started in the Liftoff Residency. This solo was made bringing different artists into the studio to direct my material. Later I will direct this material on performers and make a group piece. Currently Angelica Soledad, Paola Lopez and Nibia Pastrana Santiago have participated.


Jeanine Durning, with Julian Barnett and Molly Poerstel
“The pleasure is to our purpose, but the object is purposeless.” Immanuel Kant
“Keep on with the force don’t stop. Don’t stop ’til you get enough.” Michael Jackson
“Unfortunately I am afraid, as always, of going on.” Samuel Beckett

From Jeanine: In the summer of 2013, I began a research into the practice of what I bluntly call nonstop moving. For the purposes of Judson tonight, Molly, Julian and I will be sharing and framing some of the tools and strategies of this practice, which normally lasts up to about an hour. Nonstop moving is in direct continuity to the practice of nonstop speaking that I began in 2008 and then started to publicly perform in 2010 as the work I call inging. The term nonstop is a decidedly chosen one, as opposed to perpetual or continual, because it points to the critical nature of what it takes to keep going in the midst of questions, doubts, and inevitable failures and limitations.Nonstopping accepts, as a practice, our multiplicity, our foibles, our repetitions, our desires, our potentialities, our perceptions, our paradoxes – all sitting up against each other, colliding and combining, tracing and erasing, creating and cleaving meaning.

October 13-19

This Week at Movement Research…



Eleanor Bauer. Learning by Dancing
Part of: Janet Panetta’s International Dance Dialogues
October 13-17 MON-FRI 4-6pm
$75 full workshop or $18/class
Gibney Dance, 890 Broadway

As a performer, Bauer has worked for David Zambrano (Soul Project), Mette Ingvartsen (why we love action), Trisha Brown (at documenta12), Xavier Le Roy (low pieces and Retrospective), Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas (The Song), Boris Charmatz (levée des conflits and enfant), Matthew Barney (River of Fundament), Emily Roysdon (by any other name), and Ictus Contemporary Music Ensemble (This Is Not A Pop Song II), among others….Read more

Physical Inquiry and Somatic Practices
Gibney Dance at 280 Broadway 

Schedule at a glance:

Qi Gong with Melanie Maar (starts 10/6)
Mondays and Fridays 10am-12pm

C O R E M O T I O N with Daria Faïn (starts 10/7)
Tuesdays 10am-12pm and Wednesdays 4-6pm

Pilates Mat Class for Dancers with Swan Pilates (starts 10/7)
Tuesdays 2-3:15pm

Alexander Technique (starts 10/8)
Wednesdays 2-4pm
Oct-Nov Rebecca Brooks, Dec-Jan Clare Maxwell

Contact Improvisation – The Basics (starts 10/2)
Thursdays 6-8pm
Oct Margaret Paek, Nov Bradley Teal Ellis, Dec-Jan K.J. Holmes

Feldenkrais Method with Jimena Paz (starts 10/3)
Fridays 4-6pm









Levi Gonzalez. Morning Class
October 6-23. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-12pm. $14 
Movement Research at Danspace Project, 131 E 10th Street

We usually begin slowly, with imagery and gentle preparation inspired by various somatic traditions to access our awareness of the senses, the organs, the skeleton, the cells, gravity, and other energetic forces. Class may also include technical exercises, choreographic structures (“phrases”), improvisations, and performance constructs, with a focus on precision, ownership, and play.
Read Levi’s class description here.

Vicky Shick. Morning Class
September 23-October 13. Tuesday, Thursday 10am-12pm. $14
Movement Research at Danspace Project, 131 E 10th Street

Vicky Shick has been involved in the NYC dance community for 3 decades. She worked with many choreographers, is a former member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company and received “Bessies” for performance and choreography. In addition to showing work at Danspace, DTW, The Kitchen, P.S. 122 and WET, she made dances for Arizona State University, Barnard College and George Washington University. Shick was a 2006 Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant recipient and a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow.
Read Vicky’s class description here.



Mårten Spångberg
Discussion: Wait A Second, The Mood Is Dancy, Theory Without Boox, We Will Hear
October 12, 19 SUN 2-4pm $5 each
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor

Mårten Spångberg is a choreographer living and working in Stockholm. His interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something approached through experimental practices and creative process in multiplicity of formats and expressions…Read more

Movement Research at the Judson Church
October 13
Grace Courvoisier, Whitney V Hunter**, Kai Kleinbard, Arielle Pina
Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South

Open Performance
October 14
Moderated by Erin Ellen Kelly*
Carmen Caceres DanceAction, Ayano Elson, Krissy Harris
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor


ONGOING CLASSES (Click here for full descriptions):

Barbara Mahler. Klein Technique™
Tuesday, Thursday 10am-12pm. $14
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor

Elise Knudson. Contact Improvisation
September 3-24
Wednesday 6-8:30pm. $14
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor

Irene Dowd. Neuromuscular Preparation for Dance.
Tuesday 3-4:45pm. $14
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway

Karl Anderson. Skinner Releasing
WED 6-9pm $14
Randy Warshaw Studio

Karinne Keithley Syers. (sub for K.J. Holmes Athletics of Intimacy)
Saturday 11am-1pm. $14
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor

Janet Panetta.
Ballet for Contemporary Dancers
Monday-Friday 12-2pm. $17

Advanced Professional Ballet
Wednesday & Friday 10am-12pm. $17
Movement Research at Gibney Dance Center, 890 Broadway

The Underscore. Underscore Facilitators.
Sunday, October 12th.
2nd Sundays of each month. 5-8pm. $10

Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway 4th Floor


Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church 5.14.2012

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, 5.14.2012

Featuring Works by Marjani Forté*, Erin Ellen Kelly, Erik Abbott Main, Eleanor Goudie-Averill / Stone Depot Dance Lab

*2012 Movement Research Artist-In-Residence

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The Week Ahead. May 14 – May 20, 2012.

The Week Ahead. May 13 – May 20, 2012.

This Week at Movement Research…

Monday May 14. Movement Research at the Judson Church.
8 PM.
55 Washington Square South.
Featuring works by Erin Ellen Kelly, Eleanour Goudie-Averill: Stone Depot Dance Lab, Marjani Forte*, Erik Abbott-Main
* 2011 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

Wednesday May 16. Open Performance.
A.R.T./New York South Oxford Space.
Featuring works by Laurel Atwell, Elana Lanczi, Sarah Konner & Austin Selden, Danielle Russo
Moderated by Moriah Evans*
2011 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

Thursday May 17 and Friday May 18. Workshop with Jill Sigman.

Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway

How do we construct our visual field and how is movement constructed by our visual field? How does perception- visual, aural, olfactory- influence movement? How can we achieve heightened perception (without mushrooms)? What is the role of repetition? And how does the connection between perception and movement relate to certain kinds of cultural rituals? This spring I will be co-teaching a course with an anthropologist at Wesleyan University. While the explorations in this workshop will be purely movement-based, they will grow out of the development of this course and the included readings and discussions about ritual, shamanism, and medical anthropology.

Classes this Week with: Margaret Paek, Emily Faulkner, Nia Love, Joanna Kotze, Barbara Mahler, Irene Dowd, K.J. Holmes, Jill Sigman, Karl Anderson


Movement Research Festival Spring 2012
May 29th through June 3rd
Get all the dirty details on PUSH IT. REAL. GOOD.

MELT Summer 2012
July 9 – August 10
MON – FRI  10am – 6pm Daily

Pay and Fill out Registration
Five weeks of intensive workshops with internationally acclaimed faculty. Melt Faculty includes: Irene Dowd, Levi Gonzalez, Neil Greenberg, Lance Gries, K.J. Holmes, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Jen Joy, Eva Karczag, Pooh Kaye, Jennifer Lacey, Joe Levasseur, Barbara Mahler, Tere O’Connor, Jimena Paz, Lisa Race, Vicky Shick, RoseAnne Spradlin, David Thomson.

Movement Research Spring Gala
May 21, 2012

Honoring Anne E. Delaney, Ishmael Houston-Jones & Yvonne Meier
Judson Memorial Church 55 Washington Square South New York, NY

Cocktails 6:30pm
Seated Dinner 7pm
Performance and Party 8:30pm

Only Performance Tickets available: Purchase Tickets

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