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Last Post for Now


This is my last post for the month and as I said before I have greatly enjoyed writing online. I’ve been working in an Ice Cream shop for the past five days telling myself to keep being interested in the movements I’m doing, in the work I’m doing. It’s difficult. Has any movement practitioner out there also working in a service industry been able to find fulfillment in their work while on the job? When you’re literally moving to make ends meet? But not in any sort of immediacy. You can’t literally heat, eat or shelter yourself with the money you’re making. Well not in a way that is actually going to sustain you. It seems to me the money transaction has overshadowed so many other transactions that allow us to feel happy and fulfilled.

We all know this quote – only after the last fish has been caught will man realise he cannot eat money – but where is the evidence of this in the day to day environment that sustains the lives we live? In the US the term “trade” still exists in everyday language. A term that was long ago forgotten by the British empire leaving only beg, borrow steal or BUY. I realised this when I came across “Trader Joes” – a shop that epitomises the abstracted notion of transaction in modern day society. An idealisation or nostalgic notion of commerce now defunct. If only…

The thing that I carry most from my time at Movement Research is the notion that learning is something that can’t be bought. The ways in which we share and experience are individual, cannot and should not be exploited. Self fulfillment, learning and growth. Gifts that are invaluable.

Tomorrow Judith Sanchez Ruiz is teaching at Labor Gras and I look forward to sharing and experiencing in an environment where these processes are given due respect. That’s what I take forward into my practice: my engagement with a form so intrinsic to humanity, to life, to survival that it is difficult to forget – even on the the 6th hour of a shift waitressing -that we have this gift of awareness of our existence. I am and always will be continually grateful, cultivating and nuturing this awareness wherever I can. Bis bald (Until soon)

Rosalind (former MR Intern)

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