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colors colonized

My friend Sangwook said that during his auto-biography class at college, students were discussing about “identity” and his professor said “During the period of Japanese Occupancy Koreans were forced to wear black and white color version of korean traditional clothings. It was Japan’s intention to “mute” the identity by muting colors of cultures and traditions of Korea.




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sound in-between

I am in Stoninngton, CT for my friend Jennie’s residency here at Dragon’s Egg.

First thing I realized when I got into this beautifully isolated space was

that how much I can “hear” more and live in the sound I hear.

I was able to hear more, because I was able to freely make sound.

Freely let the sound happen.

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the tangible tangle

Tangled from inside out.

Tangled away.


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pain saver

With this recent injury on my left ankle,

I started thinking…Maybe we “feel” more because we have “pain”.

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