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Movement Research Festival FALL 2010: TRULY MADLY DEEPLY starts Monday November 29. Don’t miss workshops, performances, and a studies project with this AMAZING group of artists curated by Jon Kinzel and John Jesurun!

Movement Research Festival Fall 2010:
November 29-December 4, 2010

TRULY MADLY DEEPLY are the words that compelled the gathering of this varied but deep group of truly mad artists. Together they share and continually recreate an expanding multidisciplinary landscape. We have called them each from a different corner to represent. They are contemporaneous with each other but their creative interrelationships are not obvious. Each is an uncompromising example of not quite fitting into a category. Grouped together it is a complex and multi-dimensional logic of unique signatures. We have also sought to keep continuity between performances, workshops, audiences and presentations; all these are ways to further investigate the work of the festival artists. The curation has followed the artists’ lead rather than the artists following the curation.
– Festival Co-Curators, John Jesurun and Jon Kinzel


Susan Rethorst
November 29-30 MONDAY and TUESDAY 10am-1pm
Danspace Project

Register online at
CHOREOGRAPHIC MIND/ making your best work
Looking in practice at what choreography is and does, where does it come from, what is it for; looking at what it means to fuel one’s work with one’s questions; looking at the nature of movement and its communication; issues of continuance, the alchemic nature of time and sequence.

Making is an endless quest with ever shifting ground; making is thinking. I regard teaching as a conversational mode; my exercises are proposals in action. I am at the same time interested in creating a situation in which each student can locate her/his aesthetic and goals; as well in giving students the ability to access states necessary to making work; intuition, perception, cognition, interiority, emotional distance, spontaneity, pleasure, reflection, humor.

Emily Coates and Lacina Coulibaly
December 3 FRIDAY 9:30-11:40am
Danspace Project

Register online at
This workshop will focus on methods and implications of collaborative movement authorship in intercultural space. We consider the practice of joint-authorship to mean the actualization of individuality while at the same time respecting and attending to the ideas of others. The exercises will emphasize research into the nitty-gritty details of movement across differences of culture and dance traditions, practical strategies of collaborative choreography, and hybrid aesthetics.

PANEL: Hovels, hamlets and digital sprawl: our origins.
December 4 SATURDAY 2-4pm
The Club at La MaMa

Festival artists gather for a discussion moderated by Rosemary Quinn, Experimental Theater Wing Studio Director, NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Shared experience and a sense of common space are revered by many to be indispensable tenets in the performing arts. Theatrical constructs have been created anew in the digital era. This is a group of artists that together spans the continuum from deep in the pre-digital to a future in the post digital. The moment they share now is somewhere in between. These ideas will serve as departure points, ultimately leading to an artist-generated discussion.


Paula Court will be an ongoing presence documenting many aspects of the festival from a unique and internal point of view. Audiences will be able to view her continuing unedited process as the festival progresses- performance images including dress rehearsal photos will be screened before each night’s scheduled events.

Monique Jenkinson/Fauxnique
Lisa Nelson
Stephen Petronio
Temporary Collective
Cathy Weis

Movement Research at the Judson Church
November 29 MONDAY 8pm

No reservations. Seating is first come, first served.

Out of the core elements of drag, in this case the trappings of overblown femininity (makeup, lip-synch, wigs, spangles, high heels), Monique Jenkinson/Fauxnique creates a movement study inspired by classic drag, Anna Halprin’s Parades & Changes, Kenneth Anger’s film Puce Moment and the early work of Michael Clark.

Lisa Nelson will lend her virtual presence to the festival through a video work.

Choreographer Stephen Petronio will read excerpts from his upcoming memoir Notes From A Life In Motion.

A Temporary Collective has been pulled from New York’s dance and performance scene: Hilary Clark, Erin Cornell, Alex Escalante, Zack Fuller, Maria Hassabi, Jodi Melnick, Matthew Rogers, Colin Stilwell. States of adherence to previously unexplored connections and the notion of making something from nothing will contribute to this experiment. It consists of the initial performance at Movement Research at the Judson Church, one interim rehearsal session and a final performance at Danspace Project.

In Pupa, Cathy Weis turns gravity on its head.

Mike Albo
Susan Rethorst

December 2 THURSDAY 8pm
Danspace Project

$12/$8 for Danspace Project Members

Mike Albo will be presenting part of a work in progress, directed by David Schweizer, entitled The Junket– about his adventures as a freelance writer trying to survive the death of journalism in our increasingly insipid, luxury soaked tinsel town. It involves gossip blogs, The Grey Lady, insanely expensive clothing, and his long term relationship with the most abusive boyfriend of all- New York City.

Susan Rethorst: I have been interested in the moment when one dancer approaches another- the expectations in that moment carrying such history- of pas de deux, contact, romance and showmanship. Over and over in my dance making I have found myself approaching another only to say huh?, what now…what do I want to do here? I decided this time I wanted to stay in that moment and not ‘solve’ this dilemma, but see what I could make of the hesitation I found there… this was a beginning point for a duet still in progress. This moment met some other interests/issues inherent in the duet form- persons as equals or not? in what way(s)? what relationship accumulates and by what means…

Brian Rogers
Temporary Collective

December 3 FRIDAY 8pm
Danspace Project

$12/$8 for Danspace Project Members

Brian Rogers is a video and sound artist who makes performances. His recent projects employ moving video cameras, custom built technology, and the audiovisual language of cinema to create unique performative relationships between technology, content, and the live body. Performers include Madeline Best, Shaun Irons, Lauren Petty, and Brian Rogers.

A Temporary Collective has been pulled from New York’s dance and performance scene: Hilary Clark, Erin Cornell, Alex Escalante, Zack Fuller, Maria Hassabi, Jodi Melnick, Matthew Rogers, Colin Stilwell. States of adherence to previously unexplored connections and the notion of making something from nothing will contribute to this experiment. It consists of the initial performance at Movement Research at the Judson Church, one interim rehearsal session and a final performance at Danspace Project.

Emily Coates and Lacina Coulibaly
Fiona Templeton

December 4 SATURDAY 8pm
Danspace Project

$12/$8 for Danspace Project Members

Emily Coates and Lacina Coulibaly: The duet Ici Ou Ailleurs/Here Or Anyplace Else (work-in-progress) investigates the coexistence of diversity and human connection between individuals and cultures. We understand and envision our connectedness through practical questions of weight, energy, anatomy, and performance: How do you use your feet when you dance? How do I? Where is your weight in this step? Where is mine? In what way do you and I emote? Or not? And why? The duet is part of an ongoing, multi-sited research project on intercultural collaboration. Since 2007, we have worked to create dances that honor our respective backgrounds, while simultaneously establishing new spaces of cultural hybridity. Stages of choreographic development have occurred in New Haven, CT and New York, NY, USA and in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Fiona Templeton: GOING with Coming is both a play and a game, performed by The Relationship. GOING is a precise recreation of a work by the London group The Theatre of Mistakes from 1977, a work that was seminal for much of contemporary performance but little known in the US. It has a fugue-like structure. Coming, which is woven into GOING, returns to the improvisational base out of which GOING grew. In Coming, the structure is set, but content improvised depending on the first performer to enter. The company will perform an excerpt showing both part of GOING and part of Coming. Performers include Katie Brown, Javier Cardona, Stephanie Silver, Julie Troost, Andrew Zimmerman. The Relationship is directed by Fiona Templeton, who was a founding member of the Theatre of Mistakes in the 70s. The group specializes in adventurous use of site, structure, language and relation to the audience.

The Week Ahead. November 15-21, 2010

Check out the UPCOMING section… Fall Festival 2010: TRULY MADLY DEEPLY is approaching! MELT registration is under way!


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The Week Ahead. November 1-7, 2010.

This week at Movement Research: Movement Research at the Judson Church, Open Performance, classes and more! Also, Fall Festival is approaching! See info below.

elizabeth ward by ian douglas

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Studies Project: Teaching Downtown Dance / Teaching Dance Downtown. Friday March 26, 2010.

Teaching Downtown Dance / Teaching Dance Downtown
Friday, March 26th, 2010, 6pm, FREE
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway


Initiated by Jmy Leary and MR faculty and Artist Advisory Council
Moderated by Randy Martin

This roundtable discussion explores the geography of downtown dance over the past half-century, from the perspective of both the teachers and the students. What was taught, how was it taught, who were the teachers and who took class? Panelists include Hilary Clark, Douglas Dunn, K.J. Holmes, Juliette Mapp, and others.

photo: Nancy Topff  by unknown

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