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Scholar’s Corner: YOGA BODY


Today’s book is Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice by Mark Singleton (Oxford University Press, 2010). This is one of the first scholarly works on yoga in its modern “postural” form, as distinct from studies of Hindu religions and yoga more broadly conceived. In coining the phrase “modern postural yoga,” Singleton points to the current focus on asanas that dominates discussions of yoga in the United States. He traces the development of this focus to the early twentieth century and shows how the what is now called “yoga” may owe as much to modern European physical culture as it does to ancient Indian religious practice.

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history resonating in my body

My favorite thing about London is how easy it is to get to other places.  I decided at the last minute to hop on the 2-hour train to Brussels for the week.  Amazing.  After seeing a couple friends, I attended a rehearsal performance for the new collaboration between Jerome Bel and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

I’m going to refrain from the long and critical conversation I’d like to have with you about it.

After my last post about architecture, I found myself extremely focused on the surroundings of the theater, La Monnaie, which was built more than 3 HUNDRED years ago.  It got me thinking about how no matter what, each piece presented there carries with it a heavy history.  Of course this is true at any theater, even relatively new ones in New York.  I’m curious how this affects the performance, both for viewers and performers.  My body felt different there.  I brought different attention.  It wasn’t just about expectation.  It was how my body reacts in a huge opera house filled with paintings and so much more.  This was the piece for me.

Jillian Peña, 2009 MR artist-in-residence,, i love you

Studies Project: Reconstructions and Re-Imaginations. Monday November 23.

Join us MONDAY NOVEMBER 23 for our Studies Project: Reconstructions and Re-Imaginations, Moderated by Randy Martin.
P.S. 122, 150 First Ave at 9th Street.  7:00 pm.


Entire dance economies, from ballet to Graham, are based on rebuilding historic works. What is the role of reconstruction in contemporary practice? How are artists exploring the space between reconstructing and re-imagining? What constitutes re-imagining? Discussion topics will include pedagogical efficacy, intellectual property, and nostalgia. Panelists include Lori Belilove, Deborah Black, Pat Catterson, DD Dorvillier, Levi Gonzalez, Richard Move, Stacy Spence, and Jodi Sperling.

Studies Project Series:
An artist-curated series of panel discussions, performances and/or other formats that focus on provocative and timely issues of aesthetics and philosophy in the intersection of dance and social politics, confronting and instigated by the dance and performance community.
All Studies Project events are free and open to the public.

Photo: Richard Move as Martha by Josef Astor

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