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Movement Research at the Judson Church – April 6, 2015


Featuring works by Carlo Antonio Villanueva, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Ni’Ja Whitson Adebanjo, InTW 


How to Dinkle, Bibbler, Shako, and Plume
Director: Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Performers: Juliana Ventimiglia, Miriam Gabriel, Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Music: John Luther Adams


leaves from a loose-leaf war diary
Choreographer and performer: Shayla-Vie Jenkins
Music: Sam Crawford
*Excerpt from the poem The Anniad, by Gwendolyn Brooks
**Thank you for lending me your voices: Shantelle, LaMont, Rena, Wendell, and Rachael.


When Water Dries the Mouth/New World Excerpt
Choreographer/Director: Ni’Ja Whitson Adebanjo with collaboration from the performers
Performers: The NWA Project – Kirsten Flores-Davis, Carrissa Matsushima, Ni’Ja Whitson Adebanjo
Music: “I Got the New World in My View”, Sister Gertrude Morgan and “Zion Zodu”, Nia Witherspoon


52 Hertz
Choreographer: Hsiao-Wei Hsieh, Hsiao-Ting Hsieh
Performers: Yuriko Hiroura, Marion Helfenstein, Yasmin LeBron-Savard, Shannon Elizabeth O’Brien, Zoe Warshaw,
Hsiao-Wei Hsieh.
Music: Waltz No.2 From Jazz Suite No.2 by Dimitri Shostakovich, Eternal Pulse by Hanan Townshend


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