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Movement Research at the Judson Church – April 20, 2015


Featuring works by Sarah White-Ayón, [ce n’est pas nous], Suzan D. Polat, Jessica Posner 


Untitled work-in-progress
Conceived and directed by Sarah White-Ayón
Performed by Rebecca Wender, Kate Martel, Layla Childs and Sarah White-Ayón
Sound by Nancy Garcia with Music by Fugazi
Costumes by the performers with selections by Claire Fleury Atelier
Text written by Sarah White-Ayón and read by Sarah Heller


Sculpture and Performance: Ferrán Martín
Performance: Priscilla Marrero
Sound: Adam Sipe

Ferrán Martín and Priscilla Marrero continue their research on the relationship between the body and the elements of architecture.


Talisman dance no. 4
Score, performance, and text by Suzan D. Polat
Music by Eliane Radigue


Butter Body Politic Presents: As the World Churns (Shake, Shake, Agitate)
Direction, Concept, and Objects: Jessica Posner
Performers: David Geer, Jessica Posner, Sahar Sephardi-Dalai
Technical Designer: Joanna Spitzner

Jessica Posner’s new work-in-progress, Butter Body Politic: As The World Churns (Shake, Shake, Agitate), presents three women agitating for a more delicious future. From teet to the tummy, they separate butter from whey with everything they’ve got, sculpting bodies present past future. Eat what she’s serving because it is good.


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