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Jan. 20th Studies Project: The Role of Class in Current Dance Practices

Organized by MR in collaboration with Beth Gill, Lance Gries, Eva Karczag and Gwen Welliver

What role does “class” play in current dance practices? As contemporary teaching artists attempt to articulate new methods of transmitting knowledge through the body, so too are performers of contemporary dance and performance work drifting away from relying exclusively on traditional and codifiable techniques. How can we get the most out of the structures that exist and/or create new ones as we relate these models to the way people make work now? This conversation with teaching artists and practitioners will engage these seemingly intangible questions with concrete practices and proposals.

Participating speakers include:
Julian Barnett
Michelle Boulé
Wendell Cooper
Barbara Forbes
Zvi Gotheiner
K.J. Holmes
John Jasperse
Joanne Kotze
Nia Love
Juliette Mapp
Cori Olinghouse
Janet Panetta
Shelley Senter
Vicky Shick
RoseAnne Spradlin
Karinne Keithley Syers
Jesse Zarrit

Watch the Live-Stream here: 10940416_10152512686335216_1114205404729462362_n

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